Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Workout Wednesdays - Week II

I'm completely ADD when it comes to my workouts.. I can only follow a basic plan outline nothing exact because it makes me feel too trapped and scheduled.  If it says "x" # of runs per week, "x" day do cardio, "x" day do strength training of some sort I can kinda follow that.. but really when I want to run I run, when I want to go to the gym I do, and when it's freezing and rainy outside I turn to my collection of workout DVD's and the lovely internet.

Because of this I feel it may be good to do a weekly recap, at least for myself, of what I actually accomplished or got done!

This happens to be on Wednesdays because 'Workout' starts with a "W" and I'm a sucker for alliteration. Guess that's what happens when your mom is an English major!

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This Week in Workouts:

Thursday, December 15th -

Ran through the sprinkling cold rain to the small gym my apartment complex opened up near my building! (There's a bigger one but I have to drive to it.. it's in the other gated section of buildings)
Honestly can't remember exactly what I did, I think I knocked out like 3 mi on treadmil and a few weight exercises.  My phone has been BROKEN all week! So hard to get any pictures or leave myself notes (a.k.a. Brittany you did this today and ate this today.. ya I have that bad of a memory!) 
Good News?  The issue was covered under warranty and I get a new phone.
Bad News? Phone has taken a whole week to come in the mail!!!
Friday, December 16th -

2 Miles on Eliptical - my calf has been so tight and cramping :( it hates me.
Attempted moves from Jillian workout and Tone Every Part In 30 Minutes routine. 
Total gym time = 50 minutes.

Saturday, December 17th -

Long workout at the gym!!  I've been really trying to focus on more strength training since I have been so lax on it lately... 
There's a new Jillian workout featuresd in SELF Magazine this month and it's INCREDIBLE but I cannot even finish it!  {Recap Below}. 
I also tried the TIU Tone Every Part In 30 Minutes routine.  {Recap Below} 
ABS on the Roman Chair (3 sets 10 full leg lift ones)
Lunges with tricep curls
50 Dead Lifts with 10lb weights
then 1 mile on treadmill in 8:30 (starting slow, sprint at end)
and finishing with high resistance eliptical.
Total Gym Time: 1.5 hrs

Sunday, December 18th -

Where does time go??  Almost no time today.. snuck in the TIU Sunset Workout.

Monday, December 19th -


Tuesday, December 20th -


Wednesday, December 21st -

Outside Run -- longest one yet!!!  6.5 miles in 1 hour baby!!!! 
I always feel best doing long runs after a rest day.. my body has so much extra energy to burn!

Review of Circuit Workouts:

New Jillian workout featuresd in SELF Magazine this month and it's INCREDIBLE but I cannot even finish it! 

The entire circuit is set up to have you perform as many reps as possible for 1 minute, then to rest 1 minute.  Honestly, I can't continuously perform these moves for an entire minute straight!  Something to work towards!
Has you start with Up & Overs

These are killer but FUN. 

Channel the Karate Kid...

"Get Up and Go" 's... a new favorite of mine!

And I don't want to put the entire workout on here because you can get it for free here at SELF or in the new magazine featuring Jillian on the front cover this month!

One thing I will mention... there's a move where you start in full plank and 'pop up' into a surf like position... umm ya epic fail on my part there. 

How you're supposed to look after "popping up":

How is she so smiley??!

The circuit will really push you so I would recommend checking it out!  Not for beginners.

Follow along with the printout here.

Each move with 20-30 reps, repeat circuit 3 times.

I love this workout -- it isn't too hard and is easy to add on to any workout you're already doing.

I will say the Triangle Love Handle move feels awesome two days later after doing it every day!  My sides are so sore... 

My other favorite move from this workout is ..

The funniest thing is when I do these workouts at Mike's apartment... The roommate and I own an arsenal of smaller weights, bands, yoga mats, etc... but the bf doesn't have that so I have to improvise.  This is where I use Costco sized glass jars of Spaghetti Sauce as weights ;)

Reasons to be Fit: