Monday, December 19, 2011

What doesn't go with Chocolate Milk??

Today will be a good day because it is my LAST DAY OF WORK before the break!!!

It is also sad days because the BF leaves tomorrow to go visit his family in Florida... ::sigh::

Since he hates to see me sad he brought THIS to my desk this morning.

Low Fat Granola and Chocolate Milk.

My initial reaction was to be very very confused.  Then he told me just to try it and MY WORLD IS CHAGNED.  It was pretty delicious, I am not going to lie!!

**recap of the weekend -- backwards in time!!!!**

Other things that are delicious?  I will never get sick of egg white veggie omelettes with English Muffins... and if you are sick of seeing the pictures (eggs are not very photogenic) then you may want to click away...

Mmmm yum!  What a FANTASTIC way to start a Sunday!! :-D

You know... I never used to eat breakfast.. I would be too busy and in too much of a rush it would be a granola bar if anything, but now I *love* breakfast and it really helps to start of my day on the right path.

Sunday we celebrated my youngest sister's 16th birthday!! More on that later when I can upload the pictures...

Saturday after a looooooooooooong workout (which will be covered in my Workout Wednesdays recap) I mixed up Spinach Blueberry French salads (umm sadly it was the end of the peanut jar so the salad is covered in crumbs)

Served with Turkey Burger and Cheese.

BEST picture I've ever taken... right?!

Just kidding... it really doesn't look to appealing, but it was delicious with some Honey Dijon Mustard!

And Friday's highlight was Jason's Deli for lunch!

Mmmm 'Mater Soup & Salad Bar!!! <3 <3 <3

::insert dreamy face here::

Last week there were a few days that were actually not horribly cold either although it was a bit drizzly so I twisted my hair up and lumped it on top of my head in a 'bun' and rocked some boots with one of my favorite BCBG dresses.

Last week I participated in some Reliability Training for two days straight but wanted to share a few things with you guys that I learned!

Did you know...

Laughter = GENIUS.

I knew it!!!!!

Do you know what else is Genius?!

Fro Yo.

You're welcome for just about the most random post ever.

Let's finish with my new Sweater Dress I scored from Ideeli that I'm completely obsessed with....

The material of this one feels soooo soft like velvet!!!  I love to just cuddle up in it on a cold day :)

Questions for the Day:

Have you ever added chocolate milk to your granola?? Am I the only one who had never heard of this?

What's your favorite way to have eggs? 

What's the last thing that made you laugh?  It was probably pretty Genius :)