Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Workout Wednesdays - Week I

I'm completely ADD when it comes to my workouts.. I can only follow a basic plan outline nothing exact because it makes me feel too trapped and scheduled.  If it says "x" # of runs per week, "x" day do cardio, "x" day do strength training of some sort I can kinda follow that.. but really when I want to run I run, when I want to go to the gym I do, and when it's freezing and rainy outside I turn to my collection of workout DVD's and the lovely internet.

Because of this I feel it may be good to do a weekly recap, at least for myself, of what I actually accomplished or got done!

This happens to be on Wednesdays because 'Workout' starts with a "W" and I'm a sucker for alliteration. Guess that's what happens when your mom is an English major!

This Week in Workouts:

Thursday, December 8th -

Short Workout - Tone It Up Sunset Workout

Friday, December 9th -

Night Time Run in reflective bands LOL
5 miles with one 30 second stop during mile 4
Mi 1 & 2 Avg 8:41
Mi 3 (Hill of Death) 9:40
Overall 5 Mi Avg 9:05 min miles
Finished in 45:10
Cooldown with Insanity AB DVD recommended by the roommate
only 10 min long but OMG slow holding poses make you feel the burn!

Saturday, December 10th -

2 hour bike ride with Mike -- it got FREEZING cold so we picked up the pace on our way back home!!  I'm calling this the Ice ride.

Sunday, December 11th -

Seriously sore from my Friday Run... today was all about the Foam Rolling.

Monday, December 12th -

Quick workout today, worked late... Jillian's Level 2 Yoga DVD!

Tuesday, December 13th -


Wednesday, December 14th -

Going to check out the new gym at my Apartment (they opened a 2nd one!) for some treadmill love and to complete the new Tone It Up workout this week 30 Minutes


Reasons to be Fit: