Sunday, December 11, 2011

I give myself permission to... Eat Birthday Cake.

Quote from Sarah Michelle Gellar featured in SELF Magazine this month:

"And really, how is eating a piece of cake bad? Being bad is murdering someone. That's bad. Don't do that." - SMG

I love how she puts that in perspective.

I've always had a problem with either one extreme or the other -- I focus on being INCREDIBLY healthy, or I splurge and binge and eat everything delicious in sight LOL.  This is probably what happens when you deprive yourself of little rewards and don't allow yourself to always enjoy what you eat.

Luckily, I've learned a lot of things that I love to eat that are also good for you!

Like this incredible new discovery...


Seriously, that's exactly what I said after tasting it so they definitely got the name right. 

Don't you just love my tiny crooked sparkle tree in the background?!?

Mint Chocolate is one of my FAVORITE things about Christmas time!!! 

But backing up... since I haven't posted really since my birthday in November and this post is about eating birthday cake!!  That's exactly what I did...

Well.. technically they were cupcakes!

Thanks for the BFF bringing these I got to try a million flavors!  Mango, Cappuccino, Tres Leches, Dark Chocolate Raspberry (fav), Margarita (with real tequila), and Italian Creme Cake!

"Holy Cow - how old AM I??  That's a small fire!!!!!!"

I think everyone enjoyed their cake!!

The BFF and I <3

Rooms & Joey

I love cupcakes because you can get more flavors and you don't have to worry about serving knives and all that Jazz.  Cupcakes and Cake Balls are the way to go.  They're the future of cake.

Washing down the cupcakes with some skinny cocktails!!!  

That's our sexy face... shut up, you know you like it!

The night concluded with a trip to Pete's Piano Bar... where Mike ran up on stage during "I'm Sexy and I know It" and danced for me...

How did he know that's exactly what I wanted for my birthday?? lol

And THESE birthday shoes from my family were definitely rocked that night... 

Sadly there are no good pictures of me in the shoes because all of my friends are sucky photographers.  Apparently.  According to the film. (Can I even still say film now that everything is digital??)

Questions for the Day:

Are you more of a Cake or Cupcake fan?  What's your favorite flavor?

At what point do you quit putting your age in candles on a cake?  At what point does it become a fire hazard?

Do you limit your dessert intake?  Once a day? Once a week? Special Occasions only?