Monday, December 19, 2011

Fit & Fashionable

I used to be the girl who NEVER wore tennis shoes. 


Especially because I was a dancer so the exercise I did didn't really require that I wear tennis shoes... I owned dance sneakers (the kind that bend in the middle) but would only wear them with workout/dance gear and NOTHING else.

Now they have SO MANY cute workout options I am in workout clothes 90% of the time if I'm not at work!

Anyways, Fit Sugar did a post on BEST Celebrity Fit Fashion for 2011, which inspired me to find a few of my favorites!

Sandra Bullock looking ADORABLE in her cozy hat & bright yellow sneaks

Super fun, right?!  Jullianne Hough is fabulous!

There she is again - I'm loving the purple / neon pink combo!

And since I'm CLEARLY on a purple streak...

Erin Heatherton in her VS Sport Gear!

Shannon Tweed - Black, pop of pink & sweat band!!

I kinda LOVE that because I own those LuLuLemon Shorts!  Ashley Tisdale's abs look pretty awesome there too..

Zoe Saldena looking super cute!  Love the B&W edgy scarf look!

Nicole Richie ALWAYS looks super cute when leaving the gym!!! The shades + bun really work on her!

Best COLD WEATHER RUN outfit I've seen

Hungry Runner Girl - Janae!

Cutest Skirt + Knee-High-Compression Socks Combo:

Skinny Runner :)

And some looks from Jillian's new Holiday Collection!

Overall my FAVORITE workout wear trends for 2011 would be:

  • Dark Sneakers with BRIGHT accents
  • 'weathered' light baggy tops - v-neck t's and tank tops
  • dark tight capris
  • bright neon colored sports bras
  • Jackets with THUMBHOLES
  • Headbands/sweatbands
  • Running Skirts paired with Knee-High Compression Socks

Questions for the Day:

Anything you'd add to the list? What was your FAVORITE fitness fashion trend from 2011?

What celebrity do you think perfectly embodies fitness fashion?