Thursday, December 15, 2011

I want to be a LOSER too!!!

I ADORE stalk crave need *LOVE* watching The Biggest Loser!

It's absolutely inspirational!

Although I missed Jillian desperately this season, I still loved and watched every episode.

The finale was definitely not a disappointment!

~*Spoiler Alert*~


Seriously... he wasn't ever my favorite character {is 'character' the correct term?} character CONTESTANT but you cannot deny the guy lost 220 lbs!!! 220lbs definitely defines an earned win.

Finishing out the three finalists...

Ramon knocked off 154lbs and looks great!  and SO happy... seeing his mom in the audience and having Allison read her letter made me tear up!  That's totally something my mom would do!

And Antone shed 202lbs and definitely found his inner athelete again!  He seemed so excited to be back and active with his family... and his youngest daughter with the lil' curly fro? ADORABLE.

THEN we had your AT HOME WINNER!!!!!


WOW that came out of nowhere! I seriously wouldn't have guessed her in a million years -- she won by what was it... one pound?! <you've gotta be thinking thank goodness I didn't eat that last grape!>  She looks amazing though!  and she was 39!  In 7 months she was able to knock off 145lbs.... that's a young adult!

but... if I had to pick a FAVORITE reveal it may have been Becky!

Seriously... the lady on the right is 50 years old?!  No way.

TBL Contestant I'm most likely to stalk?


Why? She lives in a suburb right next to me.  I am going to find out which fitness classes she attends and follow her. That's not weird at all, right??

For ALL the stats and pictures head over to SHAPE magazine's full coverage of the Before & Afters from Finale.

{all photos taken from here}

Questions for the Day:

Who was YOUR favorite loser this season??

If you went on TBL, who would you want to train you?
I would pick Jillian in a heart beat!! but since she isn't on the show anymore, I'd pick BOB because him at 6am = hilarious and awesome.  I really enjoyed Dolvett this season though! especially at the beginning when he was yelling at people to 'Let go of MY treadmill!!!'


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John was a big surprise and an inspiration. He was so 'shut down' in the beginning and I can relate to that feeling of 'defeat' when it comes to putting on weight and feeling out of control. He found a place to begin building a new John. (With Bob's help!)

BSparkles said... Best Blogger Tips ** Leave a lil' Suga **
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I know he COMPLETELY changed by the end of the season! That just shows us it really isn't too late for anyone to be happy healthy and fit!