Friday, December 30, 2011

Friday Fives (5s) -- Post III

Not everything always fits into the theme of a Blog Post -- So I wanted to start a collection of things I'm currently crushing over each week that didn't necessarily get captured in my posting.

This will be the third post of a series called Friday Fives (5s)


Thankful that I've had so much time to workout WITH my little sister this week!! Getting to bond and being full of endorphins and energy afterwards?!  Stellar.


Healthy happy babies!!!!

Welcome to the world little Jackson :)

Meet my incredibly handsome GodSon :-D


My Peanut Pretzel Bark... YUM YUM YUM


Spending time with your FAMILY over the Holidays! 

{women on Christmas Eve}

{My Parents}

{Sisters and I Christmas Morning}

{My baby cousin James and I - he's putting up his dukes!}

{Cousin Jake - Children + Presents = Priceless}

{Soulmate, 2nd Mom Lisa, Rooms and I at Christmas Party}


Michael coming home to me!!! He was visiting his family in Florida for Christmas and even though it was just a week I missed my best friend and love so much it's silly <3

Mike flew in the day Jackson was born, two of my favorite men in this photo!

Oh yeah and P.S. - I got a DESIGNER BARBIE for Christmas that LOOKS LIKE ME!!!


Don't knock on the hair... it was early and I'm still in pajamas.  Yep, that's how I do things at the old age of 25.  Christmas morning in PAJAMAS at the Parents' house.  :)

Questions for the Day:

BEST thing you got for Christmas this Year?? (or Hanukkah)

Mine would be working out with my sister! but I guess she didn't technically mean that as my gift lol so I'd say the super amazing LuLulemon Ruffle Run Speed Shorts AND the Equanimity Pants.  Santa spoiled me this year. 

Favorite thing you ate on Christmas Day?

This is so hard! I think it would have to be the Creme De Mint Liquor Pie I tried :)

IF you're religious, what was your favorite part of MASS or whatever message you listened to for the holidays? (Not trying to make this a religious blog, but I love hearing inspirational messages that have spoken to people!)

Our Priest was on travel from Nigeria and said in his country they would DANCE to celebrate the birth of Jesus!  I so wish we would've started dancing right then and there!  but his message was mostly about realizing the form God chose to send our savior into the world - humbly.  The purpose of the holidays is not to become to entrapped in the idea of monetary gifts, but to be thankful for the love you have in your life and the people who surround you :)


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I like your alliteration with the Friday Fives(: hahaa

AND you are sooo sweet saying that was your favorite thing.. it really made my day(: I loved working out with you! Even if it was hard work! Hahaa you are probably one of the only people who can make the workouts we did fun pretty much the entire time! And push me to do things I didn't believe(: You are awesome, I'm very blessed to have a sister like you(: