Friday, December 23, 2011

Friday Fives (5s) -- Post II

Not everything always fits into the theme of a Blog Post -- So I wanted to start a collection of things I'm currently crushing over each week that didn't necessarily get captured in my posting.

This will be the second post of a series called Friday Fives (5s)


Breakfast or Lunch @ Cafe Brazil.  They're open 24/7, have a Coffee Bar with unlimited refills, and their egg white veggie omelette is incredible.


Low, Side-Part Buns for Work.  Quick, fast, and professional looking.  Or at least I feel that way when I do my hair like this.  I mean business.


Holiday Themed Coffee - Starbucks finally has a Skinny Peppermint Mocha!!


Days I get the gym to myself.  I can do any of my ToneItUp inspired workouts without worrying that people are staring at me as I jump pike my butt into the air from my yoga mat... 

{no, having huge J Lo inspired thighs is not on my list... I just can't help it}


Cuddling with Riley - it's much too cold outside, we should all just stay inside and snuggle! 

This Friday was an amazing  one!  I got up early and snuck in one of the Roommate's Turbo Fire DVD's she's been trying to get me into... I only had 40 minutes to workout so the DVD was perfect!  Those ladies are intense!!  After that I showered up and met the BFF Ashley for a lunch date and a PLAY!  We saw Les Mis and had a little drama because she started having contractions at lunch!  Luckily she made it through the whole show without popping - she isn't due until Wednesday, but then again that's only a few days away at this point!

Now I'm going to hit 'publish' on this post and go grab ingredients to make a Salad since that's my assignment for Christmas Eve dinner tomorrow night -- Happy Holidays everyone!