Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Magical Unicorns in Walmart

I found the Bike Helmet I've wanted ever since I was a little girl....

If you want one as well (as I'm sure you do)  you can find it at Walmart...

We found Mike a new helmet as well... 

Best. Excursion. To Walmart. EVER.

Now speaking of all things magical ... we took on a little Home Improvement task this weekend I've been trying to talk Sir Michael into for AGES. 


That's the only before picture I've got... but as you can see those cushions are PATHETIC.  This purple leather couch used to be his aunt's and was gifted to him when he moved away for College.  He is now 28 years old.. I'm not sure exactly how old it makes the couch... but it's old.

I started by ripping RIGHT into the project!  Unzipped the leather cushion covers and pulled out the insides... tore holes down the seaming and just started shoving as much polyfil into them as they could hold!!!

(duct tape was just used for interim purposes)

I think we used 4 Jumbo Bags from Walmart!!!!

Then we sewed them back up along the seams.  

The hardest part of the whole thing was stuffing these now JUMBO cushions back into the leather covers!  It took both of us using all our might and we were pretty winded by the end of it!  Plus after you zipped them in you had to beat the covers so they didn't appear lumpy!!


OMG 1 million times better don't you think?!?!  

Now I can actually sit up straight on the couch.  Go figure.

Riley likes to snuggle on just about anything... but fuzzy throws are her favorite... 

Questions for the Day:

Whose helmet pick was better - Mine (the Unicorn) or Mike's (the MoHawk)?

Have you ever tried to fix-up an old couch or chair? How did it turn out?