Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ready 4 The Runway - Workout the way the Angels do

I know this is late but I wanted to do a

ReCap of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Girls Night.



and Mike. (lol)

Superheroes!!! Halloween idea for next year??

This one was possibly my favorite of the night - I want the Midnight Blue/Black set so badly!!  
I believe it was a Spanish influence.. but the ornate gold jewelry almost reminds me of an Egyptian/Aztec edge??

Candice may have the sexiest body.

The bra that no one can actually afford to wear.
Except maybe the Queen of Mumbai or something like that...

Kinda loving the Pearl inside an Oyster Shell thing.


Photos can all be found over at CBS

I also found this video where VS Angel Candice Swanepoel shows you how to get Runway Ready..

I really want to try out those 'Disc' moves!!!!

And to be her.

Oh yes,... and there were light up boobies this year...

Questions for the Day:

Do you watch the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show each year? Do you do anything special to celebrate?
I watch them each year, I start out with a wicked workout then a ton of steamed veggies - chicken or fish and LOTS OF WINE.  Invite people over and just have fun :)

Which was your favorite look?
I'm partial to the Spanish looks especially the midnight blue - but the super heroes were pretty fun!

Are you a matching bra and panties kinda girl?
I don't match them every day, but almost everything I own is VS and the Lacie was the best panty ever invented.  I own about 100 of these in every color, and maybe only two other styles.