Monday, December 12, 2011

Saute the 'Sprouts


And it doesn't even take that long if you do it right!

My latest Vegetable Obsession is Brussels Sprouts.


I first discovered I liked them when I got some packs of the Green Giant Light Butter Brussels Sprouts in the Freezer Aisle.. but the other day I took on fresh Brussels Sprouts and was SUPER pleased with the results.

Mike likes his food served on a plate.

I prefer mine in a bowl :)

It's just easier that way... I need sides to my serving platter of choice.  Otherwise my section of the table would just be one big mess.

The 'Sprouts were created by the following method:

1 container of 'sprouts chopped in half
(chopping them makes them soak up all the delicious flavors better!)
1/2 large white onion cut into fajita sized strands
1 container of mushrooms
1 tbsp Earth Balance (or butter if you use butter in your recipes)
2 tsp Minced Garlic
2 tbsp water
Salt & Pepper to taste

Throw everything in a pot on the stove (works best if you add the butter substitute, seasoning, water and garlic first then the veggies) and cook on Med/High with the TOP on the pot.  Once it gets nice and steamy in there turn the heat to LOW until you're ready to serve.. stir frequently to make sure all the sprouts get some sauce!!!

I served them with my favorite veggie protein sausage:

The flavor of these things is really amazing!!!

Go try them NOW and let me know how you like them!!!!!

So as it's now Mid December my program at work had an End Of Year lunch gathering at a nice restaurant down the street called Brio.

I had the Smoked Citrus Salmon which was served over some sort of crusted tomatoes and with Asparagus.

I think crusted tomatoes are just basically fried tomatoes - but they were pretty delicious!

I love being appreciated with free food :)

I even dressed for the Holiday Spirit in my new sparkly silver sweater... but apparently my thumb decided it wanted a thumb hole like it has in all my running jackets...

Thanks a lot stupid thumb!!! Ugh... luckily it's right along the seam... I can just stitch it right up...


Sorry the picture is blurry... phone camera + crap bathroom lighting.. yay!

I LOVE scarves... seriously.. can't get enough they're SO warm and cozy! 

Anyways, can we talk about Cafeteria Food for a second on this blog?

I mean, I don't know about you but I kinda thought once I was out of school I wouldn't have to deal with bad cafeteria food any more... sadly I was wrong.

The Cafe here at work always tricks me!  They post these great titles of food they'll be serving and #1) Sometimes don't actually serve what their site says is on the menu and #2) It is not good.

So I'll be super excited, walk all the way down the hall (hey it actually is an extremely large building) and just be disappointed.. like the last few meals I've encountered...

Cafe's attempt at Brussels Sprouts... mine were WAY better.

Cafe's attempt at Baked Potato Soup... it was more of a water so I snuck to the Salad Bar and threw in a bunch of broccoli because I'm sneaky like that.  Don't serve me water and call it a soup!

This one had so much promise!  Creole Tilapia, Carrots, Broccoli and Brown Rice... only everything was cold :(  and the carrots and broccoli were pretty dry... ::sigh::  serves me right, $5.99 + tax down the drain.

Cafe's attempt at Chicken Noodle Soup... I see no noodles? no chicken?? so yes AGAIN I snuck to Salad Bar and salvaged the soup by throwing some broccoli in... more brown rice and broccoli, again cold.. whatever it filled me up.

So now you should feel very sad for me on days that I'm too busy to go out to eat at Jason's Deli! 

Or feel free to tell me to quit being so lazy busy on the weekends that I make time to pack lunches so I don't have to eat this crapola.

LUCKILY  my bf is amazing and for his dinner last night he made us Crab Stuffed Salmon, Lemon Garlic Shrimp & Angel Hair Pasta!!! My only complaint is that he always forgets my intense love of vegetables LOL but the good thing is he always cooks way too much food so I had left overs for lunch today -- wheee!!!!!

Oh, and since it had been over a month since my last Fro Yo fix - he treated me to Fro Yo too!!

Mmm Strawberry Banana & Cheesecake with Strawberries, Cheesecake Crumbles, Bananas and a few mini worms!! bahaha

Questions for the Day:

When do you apply the rule 'Fresh is Best' and which items do you think it's less important?
Seafood!! I cannot stand the taste of frozen re-heated seafood I don't know what it is... Frozen Vegetables don't bother me at all and are great for soups, pastas, and dips!

Have you ever used a Meat Substitute? Recommend Any? Certain ones I should stay away from?
I am not a vegetarian by any means, but I think it's good to get protein in your diet from a variety of sources.  I love those Italian Sausages pictured above and also tried an Asian inspired Beef-less Beef Tips that were a delicious addition to some Sweet & Sour rice I made!

Do you ever have to eat Cafeteria Food? Is your Cafeteria better than mine?


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I hate when overcharged cafeteria food is so dissapointing!!! Mike's meal looks amazing though!! And I love mini gummie things in my fro-yo! The cold makes you chew the gummie for forever so it forces you to eat slower and savor the flavor-I learned this trick when I was very young hehe(: - Oh, and I absolutely LOVE your new outfit!!! Can't wait to get my gold sweater yayyy(:(:

Love, Mari

BSparkles said... Best Blogger Tips ** Leave a lil' Suga **
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Now you have your gold sweater !! yay!! just in time for NYE