Sunday, December 11, 2011

An Entire Post about FOOD.

I think Mike is starting to rub off on me. 

That man is busy planning his next meal while he's still enjoying the first!!!

Anyways, I've started to catch a little cooking bug recently and in my spare time I catch myself planning out what I'm going to be putting together next... 

Today Started with a toasted English Muffin (Thomas Light 100 cal with 1/3 Daily Fiber!), Provolone Cheese, Slice of Extra Thin Smoked Ham, and freshly prepared Egg White

Such a delicious breakfast sandwich!!! Take that McDonald's.. you ain't got nothin' on me!

I also attempted to whip up some Skinny Popcorn topped with melted Mint Chocolate inspired by PB Fingers White Chocolate PepperMint Popcorn.

1 Serving Skinny Popcorn (100 cal) plus Melted Mint Chocolate drizzled on top.

The hardest part was waiting for the chocolate to cool and harden so you could pick up the pieces without sticky chocolate fingers!  I loved it... Mike thought mint on popcorn was just strange lol.  Maybe next time I'll do a caramel nut twist for him :)

And for dinner I tried out these pre-made puppies:

220 cal each, 36g protein and only 7g fat... which, for being frozen and containing all that delicious gooey cheese inside I thought was pretty awesome!  They turned out perfect too - sometimes it's nice to have a meal you can just throw together in a hurry.

I served them with super hot soup since we went on a 2 hour bike ride in the freezing cold today!!!

We've been taking rides around different parks in different neighborhoods since we're thinking about looking for houses next year... you get a completely different view of a neighborhood when you explore it on bike!

The soup consisted of 1 can Amy's Low Fat Vegetable Barley Soup + Vegetarian Chicken Boullian (sp?) seasoning and hot water + left over pulled white chicken meat + bag mixed frozen veggies including squash and zucchini.  Let reach a boil and then simmer until your chicken is done baking in the oven!

Questions for the Day:

Do you ever add things to your soup cans to make them more 'hearty'?

What's your favorite thing to put on a breakfast sandwich?


Sarah Fitness said... Best Blogger Tips ** Leave a lil' Suga **
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I am absolutely in love with your Egg McMuffin sub. I'm going to have to try it! I have a strict "No McDonalds" policy, so I've missed them :-)

BSparkles said... Best Blogger Tips ** Leave a lil' Suga **
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Oh you really should!! Even my bf approves and he's the biggest McDonald's fan I know! (in fact, any time he has to do something in the morning without me he swings by McDonalds...)

They're also pretty good with Turkey Sausage Patties - I just prefer ham slices at times because they aren't frozen :)