Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Workout Wednesdays - Week VI

Weekly recap, at least for myself, of what I actually accomplished or got done!

This happens to be on Wednesdays because 'Workout' starts with a "W" and I'm a sucker for alliteration. Guess that's what happens when your mom is an English major!

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This Week in Workouts:

Thursday, January 12th -

Dark Night Run 5.51 mi 00:49 08:58 pace

Cold here in TX! Running gear did good, thank you bubble gum pink Nike hooded jacket :-D felt good to get in some exercise before Grey's Anatomy and girls' night!

{pictured: bubble gum pink Nike Jacket}

Friday, January 13th -
I started with a Routine:

Workout Breakdown

Time: 12 Minutes  Workout Type: 12 Minute Interval Workout 
Bringing Sexy Back!
    Lisa-Marie’s Cardio Workout:
    Set your interval timer to 10/50 for 12 rounds. You need to complete the following 4 exercises 3 time through.
    Press up Burpee + Plyometric Jump (or squat/tuck jump)
    Star Single Toe Touch Abs
    Sit Squat & Jump using the Pink Sandbag
    Ugi Ball Mountiain Climbers x 10 & Ugi Ball Toe Touch’s x 10


    Holy Goodness!!! That knocked the Sparkles out of me... this stuff is serious.

    Also, can I say how cute Lisa-Marie's British accent is??

    Modification:  Since I don't have a huge weighted Sand bag I held two 5lb weights for that part.

    This SERIOUSLY brings your heart rate up quick! Then I started a second circuit -- "Turn Me On", but too many burpees for one day -- I only got through round one!

    Finished up with Treadmill 3 mi  00:26mi   //  08:33 pace
    Really pushed it.

    Saturday, January 14th -

    Super Speed because we had somewhere very important to be!

    I convinced Mike to try the routine with me -- we staggered the order of the circuit so that we wouldn't need the equipment at the same time and could just complete it in my apartment.

    He agreed that it got his heart rate up and those Press up Burpee + Plyometric Jumps were intense. 
    Sunday, January 15th -

    Another Routine:

    Workout Breakdown

    Time: Rep ChallengeWorkout Type: Interval Rep Challenge
    Glory to the Booty!
    Lisa’s 600 Rep Workout
    Set your BodyRocker interval timer to a stop watch and do the following 6 Exercises as quickly as you can & post your scores here.
    100 High Knee Skips
    100 Lunge kicks (50 each leg) using the Pink Sandbag
    100 High Knee Skips
    100 squats using the Pink Sandbag
    100 High Knee Skips
    25 Straight Abs
    25 V Abs Left
    25 V Abs Right
    25 Bicycle Abs
    Holy Handsel and Grettle!!!!!!
    Subbed 10lb free weight for the Pink Sandbag.
    My thighs are SCREAMING today.  They say we are no longer friends and I have the bruise to prove it...

    Nope, I didn't RUN INTO A WALL  thank you for asking, it just appeared and if you press on it you can feel a nice large knot.

    Finished off in the gym with:

    Treadmill 2 mi 00:19min 09:30 pace

    Recovery... My calves & quads hurt so bad but the sweat feels good :)

    Gym 0.8 mi 00:10:00min 12:30 pace

    10 min fast walk INCLINE 10

    and 10 minutes additional strength training (a.k.a. me wandering around on different machines because I was bored)


    Monday, January 16th -

    Tuesday, January 17th -

    Still trying to give my legs a rest - I've been rolling them EVERY NIGHT.
    Yoga, then arm weights, then abs... nothing too crazy.

    Wednesday, January 18th -

    Gym with Mike!!!! Will post what I decide to do once I do it :)

    Reasons to be Fit:

    How often do you push yourself until you're really sore?  


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