Thursday, January 5, 2012

Jealous of Their Endorphin Fix...

So if you read yesterday's workout log you know I was super super sick all morning and hadn't really eaten much all day...

I was going to take the night off from working out but when I got off work I was feeling a little better and had even kept down a greek yogurt.. Mike and Kris were headed to the gym to get in some endorphins and I was far too jealous to let them go without me! 

I followed them to the gym and just said I'd accomplish whatever felt okay.  I ended up starting on the treadmill... first mile was slow/warm up, second was tempo, and then for mile 3 I sprinted quarter miles increasing speed by .2-.3mph each time and walking for < 1min in between to catch my breath PHEW! 

Then I finished up with some strength:

20 Jillian Runners on each leg

10 Hugs on each side with 3lb weight
10 Ab Jacks
20 Swimmer Kicks (alternating Legs)
40 Flutter Touches (Abs)
20 TIU DeadLifts w/ 10lb weights
30 Pull Backs on Weight Machine
20 Walking Lunges
20 Love Triangles on each side

Finished with 20 Warrior III Leg Lifts each side (made that up, it works!!)

Basically you do Warrior III pose and use your Gluteus Maximus to lift that back leg in the air about 2in higher and pulse.  Super challenging!

Felt way better after my workout and even had an appetite for the first time all day -- left over Chicken Sausages and Veggie Rice please!

Oh, and no meal would be complete without dessert:

Sliced strawberries and fat free whipped cream!!!

Umm don't you worry you can't even tell that it's fat free... seriously that stuff is so good!

And no.. Mike hasn't cancelled the Sunday paper yet... so more placemats for me :)

Today was a rough start though... I lost followers.  I probably only had my mom to start with -- so, I guess I'm down to negative one :(

Now off to some meetings... Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice start back tonight!!!!


My appetite came back!!! 

I just ate the most delicious Jason's Deli lunch...

Epic Salad

And my favorite tomato soup.

I am now officially in a food COMA. 

Also, just saw the funniest thing on a 'Runner's Thoughts'... go over to Ali's Blog and check it out!


Questions for the Day:

Are you a whipped cream fan?
Not on pie, but on berries - YES PLEASE!

Are you just as excited as I am that Grey's is back already??