Monday, January 16, 2012

A Short Trip in the Private Jet for Lunch on the Lake...


Friday I finally left work in one of those moods.

You know, where you just HAVE to get out of there!

I decided the only thing to do was obviously work for an endorphin high.  Since I'd just did a long run the night before I figured I'd better stick to the gym. 

I started with a Routine:

Workout Breakdown

Time: 12 Minutes  Workout Type: 12 Minute Interval Workout 
Bringing Sexy Back!
    Lisa-Marie’s Cardio Workout:
    Set your interval timer to 10/50 for 12 rounds. You need to complete the following 4 exercises 3 time through.
    Press up Burpee + Plyometric Jump (or squat/tuck jump)
    Star Single Toe Touch Abs
    Sit Squat & Jump using the Pink Sandbag
    Ugi Ball Mountiain Climbers x 10 & Ugi Ball Toe Touch’s x 10


    Holy Goodness!!! That knocked the Sparkles out of me... this stuff is serious.

    Also, can I say how cute Lisa-Marie's British accent is??

    Modification:  Since I don't have a huge weighted Sand bag I held two 5lb weights for that part.

    This SERIOUSLY brings your heart rate up quick! Then I started a second circuit -- "Turn Me On", but too many burpees for one day -- I only got through round one!

    Finished up with Treadmill 3 mi  00:26mi   //  08:33 pace
    Really pushed it and was so schweaty!!

    Hahaha yeah right... not me!


    Here I am!

    It felt good to get in such an awesome burn - especially since I met Mike & Friends at the local Sports Bar for dinner & drinks.  Since I'd been so healthy all day and pushed myself at the gym I splurged in one of my favorite Southern meals -- Mike and I split the Chicken Fried Chicken, Mac and Cheese and Mashed Potatoes with a side of Broccoli - yum!!!!

    Don't judge me, this is not your average Chicken Fried Chicken ... I won't even order it at other restaurants because I dispise when they serve you piece-meal questionable chicken drowning in grease, slop canned gravy all over it and call it 'food'.  This was clearly delicious all white meat chicken lightly battered and fried and oh so worth it!!

    Saturday's workout was super speed because we had somewhere very important to be!

    I convinced Mike to try the routine with me -- we staggered the order of the circuit so that we wouldn't need the equipment at the same time and could just complete it in my apartment.

    He agreed that it got his heart rate up and those Press up Burpee + Plyometric Jumps were intense. 

    We showered up toweled off (thank you Victoria's Secret Body Spray) and rushed out the door to grab breakfast at Einstein's before heading to THE AIRPORT. 

    Not the main airport, a smaller one about 45min north of Dallas...

    because we were about to fly IN THIS:

    Our friend Kris recently got his Pilot License so he offered to be Captain and fly us all to Lunch on the Lake!

    [Mike and I in the plane]

    I took the headphones because I wanted to be 'clued in' with the Pilot.
    If that's not the right saying... I don't care Don't tell me about it.

    Everything was smooth sailing flying until Mike nearly flew off the plane.

    You're not buying it??

    Yeah.. my phone photography skills aren't that great.

    Maybe now that I fly via Jet to lunch I'll start being swarmed with Paparazzi and they can catch the good shots.

    We flew out for some seriously delicious burgers.

    I got a Cessna (in honor of our plane) Not greasy, modest size, super fresh veggies + pickles + mustard = win.

    I'm not a huge burger person and I'm hard to please, but I really liked mine :) 

    The burger place was called

    It was truly in the middle of nowhere, not a very public part of the lake, so the name fit!  They had a bunch of old plane memorabilia and a few alien parts to decorate.  Definitely an experience!

    The views from the air were pretty spectacular

    Texas can be beautiful!!

    But, just a quick lunch!  Then I was off to shower and get ready to celebrate our good friend's Birthday!

    Happy Birthday Kim!!

    We starting at a Wine Tasting at 2 Corks and a Bottle

    Those are the managers and the same gentlemen who were there to serve us!

    We loved the idea of opening a unique business that would be fun and enjoyable for our guests! The ability to make your own wine or just come in and enjoy a glass or bottle of wine in the winery is something we know people would enjoy!
    The first two whites we tried were not my favorite to say the least.. but the selections got better as the tasting went on (easily could've been becaue I'd had more wine as the night went on!)

    The atmosphere was fun and my favorite pick was actually not part of the tasting, it's the bottle my roommate recommended called Romeo.

    INTERESTING FACT I learned during the tasting was what WINE DIAMONDS are

    {my lucky glass}

    The  crystals  that  are  sometimes  found  in  the  bottom  of  your  wine  bottles  are  not  known  as  wine  "diamonds"  for  nothing. 
    Wine  diamonds,  or  potassium  acid  tartrate,  is  a  mono potassium  salt.   In  its  natural  state  it  is  commonly  found  in  many  fruits  but  predominantly  in  grapes.  Wine  made  from  grapes,  fresh  grape  juice,  grape  juice  concentrate  or  a  combination  of  these,  can  sometimes  produce  this  crystal  fall  out.  Since  it  is  cold  temperatures  that  cause  the  diamonds  to  form,  you  may  notice  these  crystals  when  you  remove  a  wine  bottle  from  the  refrigerator  or  cold  storage.  This  phenomenon  can  be  found  in  both  white  and  red  wines.  It  is  entirely  natural  and  is  NOT  a  defect.  In  fact,  it  reflects  high  quality  and  will  accompany  a  wine  which  processes  wonderful  tastes  and  aromas. 
    Fancy, huh?!?!
    After the tasting we went to Hibachi for dinner and rented out the whole room!
    I had the Shrimp and Broccoli and of course a Sake Bomb or two!

    "Kanpai!!"  {Cheers}
    We finished up the night out at Avenue - an Uptown Dallas Club that played great music.
    I felt young again but was WIPED OUT by the time we made it home at 2am!!!
    Sunday consisted of recovery...
    Well, AFTER a workout of course!!
    Another Routine:

    Workout Breakdown

    Time: Rep ChallengeWorkout Type: Interval Rep Challenge
    Glory to the Booty!
    Lisa’s 600 Rep Workout
    Set your BodyRocker interval timer to a stop watch and do the following 6 Exercises as quickly as you can & post your scores here.
    100 High Knee Skips
    100 Lunge kicks (50 each leg) using the Pink Sandbag
    100 High Knee Skips
    100 squats using the Pink Sandbag
    100 High Knee Skips
    25 Straight Abs
    25 V Abs Left
    25 V Abs Right
    25 Bicycle Abs
    Holy Handsel and Grettle!!!!!!
    Subbed 10lb free weight for the Pink Sandbag.
    My thighs are SCREAMING today.  They say we are no longer friends and I have the bruise to prove it...

    Nope, I didn't RUN INTO A WALL  thank you for asking, it just appeared and if you press on it you can feel a nice large knot.

    Finished off in the gym with:

    Treadmill 2 mi 00:19min 09:30 pace

    Recovery... My calves & quads hurt so bad but the sweat feels good :)

    Gym 0.8 mi 00:10:00min 12:30 pace

    10 min fast walk INCLINE 10

    and 10 minutes additional strength training (a.k.a. me wandering around on different machines because I was bored)

    I figured I earned a hearty lunch so I whipped up a HUGE Egg White Veggie Omelette

    Totally full of veggies inside too!

    My omelette had chopped carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, a slice of colby jack cheese, sprinkle of parmesan and some Italian seasoning!

    Then while rolling out my legs I caught up on Once Upon a Time and Desperate Housewives.

    It was a good day.
    Now on to the most important thing... Mike told me this weekend he spotted a baby leopard spotted Alpaca.
    I told him I wanted one and he said he got me the last one.
    I am skeptical... but he said so, so it must be true.

    When I get him I'm going to name him Pierre.

    I told him to bring the Alpaca over tonight... and he told me I have no where to keep him right now so I'd better start construction on my 'Paca Palace.
    I will.
    And once this palace is complete Mike will have no more excuses, he'll have to bring me my Alpaca.

    LONGEST POST EVER!!!!  whew!

    Questions for the Day:

    Have you tried any of the Workouts?  Any favorites I should try?

    Have you ever flown in a non-commercial plane?  Were you nervous before hand like I was?

    Have you heard of or ever had Wine Diamonds in your glass?



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    Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips ** Leave a lil' Suga **
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    1. You're crazy for doing those BodyRock workouts... CRAZY AWESOME!!

    2. Hopefully it didn't knock all the sparkles out of you!

    3. I like your pink sports jacket

    4. You really only ever splurge on the real Chicken Fried Chicken!

    5. Jealous about your private jet!

    6. That burger actually looks really good....

    7. I love the name of the burger place!

    8. Sad I missed birthdays! Glad everyone seemed to have fun!!

    9. I love diamonds... Now I know why you like wine so much!

    10. Yayy I had some shrimp and broccoli yesterday(:

    11. Your poor thigh!!!! Is it any better at all!?

    12. That omelet looks SOOOOO DELICIOUS! Please teach me how to make it! I really want one right now lol

    13.YES save the alpaca's hahahaa that's hilarious!

    14. Phew that was a long post! You have quite the life!!!!!! Ended on my favorite number though lol(:


    SeeAliEatSeeAliRun said... Best Blogger Tips ** Leave a lil' Suga **
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    Every time I read/hear "schweaty" I think Schweaty Balls. Thanks a lot Alec Baldwin!

    Jessica Washburn said... Best Blogger Tips ** Leave a lil' Suga **
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    Thanks so much for the sweet comment. I'm pretty sure you'd look like that hot chick if you just took off the pink hoodie. She's ripped! Who doesn't love an endorphine high!?! :) Sounds like you're getting your workout on and off to a great new year.

    My Tracks said... Best Blogger Tips ** Leave a lil' Suga **
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    Your weekend looked like loads of fun! I've always wanted to fly in one of those jets, it looks awesome!

    I need to try this BodyRock workout that everyones been talking about it sounds like just what I need! & wine ugh sounds like a great night, since I'm not 21 yet I have it at home with the boyfriend hehe.