Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Back To Work

Hello on this Beautiful! {but very chilly} Tuesday!
It was only 24 degrees when I woke up at 6am for my first day of work for the New Year!
I wanted to bundle up like this...
And sure enough, as soon as I stepped outside it gave me flashbacks to my Icicle Bike Ride last Saturday..

It's really quite cold! Thank goodness for Ear Warmers, Mittens and Leg Warmers! 
oh yes and... FUZZY SOCKS!
I've been wearing super fuzzy Aloe infused socks EVERYWHERE in the cold... my sneakers can't even contain them.  These ones were a lime green mess haha
Today's are a bright pink and white stripe... but don't worry, you can't see them under my knee high boots ;)

First Work Place Fashion Photo of the New Year!!!

{I'm seriously sick of the awful flourescent lighting - yuck! hello SHINE on my forehead!}

Dress was a total find at Ross!  Love when that happens! 
Black Tights from Express
Black Boots from BCBG Maxazria outlet 2 years ago
So this morning it was EXTRA hard to motivate myself to wake... especially knowing I was out of coffee...


LUCKILY I ran to the Cafeteria here at work after catching up on a few emails and got the necessary warm coffee fix.  I think the thermostat hadn't been touched here at work all Holiday break because it was FREEZING all morning and I wished I could type better in fuzzy gloves.. I would've kept them on!

Getting up at 6am had me starved by 12 o'clock lunch time.. luckily all I had to do was heat up some leftovers from last night's dinner:

Brown Rice, Veggies and Red Pepper Sausages

Rice and Veggies cook up SO SIMPLY in a Rice Cooker... invest if you don't have one!

Here's the basic outline I use to make my rice and veggies:

Ingredients (Makes 8 servings)

2 cups (dry) Brown Rice
2-3 cups Frozen Broccoli
1 package Frozen Spinach (10oz)
2 cup Frozen Mixed Vegetables of Choice
6 fl oz Tomato Juice
Place 2 cups brown rice in Rice Cooker with 4 cups hot water + 6oz can tomato juice
Add your favorite seasoning directly to the water and stir - try adding Vegetable Buillon cube or Salt and Pepper to taste
Microwave any frozen vegetables according to directions on package and add to Steam Tray on top of Rice Cooker (good to use a light olive oil spray on steam tray before adding veggies so they don't stick as they cook)
Once Rice is DONE dump the veggies into the pot and mix it all together.
This meal is great because it makes several servings you can pack up and save for later during the week - it reheats very well!
Set Rice Cooker to 'Brown Rice' setting and it will cook the rice and veggies at the same time!

The sausages we used were the Red Pepper & Spinach ones I got at Costco the other day which are made with chicken and absolutely delicious!

120 calories per link and 15g protein!!!

Followed up with a nice hot tea.

Tea just makes you feel so warm inside!!

Kinda like this next picture....


My Godson is so so precious!!!

That's his grumpy face... he doesn't like being moved when he's so snugly, Ash had just moved him to his new carseat!!
Questions for the Day:
What is 'Cold' to you??
Here in Texas I'd say anything below 40 is cold... and definitely scarf/mitten territory.
What workout gear do you add whenever it gets 'Cold' outside?
Ear warmers, Leg Warmers, Gloves.... and I try to drink a hot coffee or tea before venturing outside!!


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I found your blog via a comment you left on my blog.

I applaud you for wearing fuzzy socks. I think they are adorable and look so comfy but I cannot wear them. They make me feel like my feet are being smothered. haha.

My Tracks said... Best Blogger Tips ** Leave a lil' Suga **
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Wow thats cold! Love the stick figure coffee guy haha too cute! Thanks for sharing :)