Thursday, July 28, 2011

College Girl Loungewear - Look for Less


That being said, I've had college style on my mind lately.  Specifically, how I remember wanting to look pulled together while still being *comfortable*.  You're busy enough between classes, studying, and holding a job that you need a 'no fuss' solution for your wardrobe.  Mixing and matching becomes ESSENTIAL and your budget is typically tight.

::especially if you've been saving up some of your hard earned dough for 50c beer night!::

The other day I stumbled across the following depiction of the modern College Girl's go-to wardrobe..

And thought to myself how right they were. 

I love leggings and if they were more professional I would still wear them everyday. 
Cardigan is a must as you never know what temperature your next class is going to be.
Comfy T? YES, YES, YES!  Workout, Sleep, Class.. this is a staple in every young woman's closet.
Comfortable shoes for walking around campus.
And of course some good ol' chapstick and headbands to keep those fly-aways in check when you've been leaning over books for hours at a time.

J's report of the Images pictured above:
Petite Black Ponte Panel Leggings $36 - Topshop
Felicity V-NECK T-SHIRT $75 - Reiss
QSW Storm Stripe Cascade Cardigan $94 - Quiksilver
TOMS 'Classic' Glitter Slip-On (Women) $53 - Nordstrom
Paisley & Floral Headband $2 - Forever 21
Burt's Bees Pomegranate Lip Balm $3 - Smallflower

Without hesitation I forwarded the article to my little sister, Mari, who replied

"super cute but not really for in a college budget! lol(: "

WOW. I hadn't even stopped to notice the prices... sans the $2 headbands and $3 chapstick this list is overkill for what I believe most college students consider affordable!

So I decided to re-vamp the look FOR LESS.

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Deal of the Day - Confessions of a Shop-A-Holic

I HAD to do it.

Seriously. I've been eye-ing these Boutique 9 Wedges for months - ever since Rachel Zoe featured them on her Latest Obsessions  this past Spring at $140 a pop I've been keeping my Spidi-senses active searching for a sale.  I'd found a few sales but never on the cream colored leather ones I so desperately desired.

This all came to an end today when Gilt Groupe featured designer Boutique 9 on their flash sales page!

Boutique 9 Illy Espadrille - Orig. $140  Sale $79 

"Yes, Yes I would love to purchase you beautiful shoes!!!!!"

THEN my luck got even better when I checked out the HauteLook Sale page and found PennyLovesKenny flats for half price - perfectly sparkly and ready for transition from Summer to Fall!

Penny Loves Kenny Treasure II Flats - Orig. $75  Sale $29.50 

"I will take them!!!!  Two in fact - one for each foot!" 

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Twait.. They Tweeted Twat?!

Ever since discovering Twitter {only a few months ago, but if you have one you should follow me!  Here} I have been amazed at the random spattering of information I have learned.  I have learned useful things such as how many calories are lurking in my favorite meals (Thank you EatThisNotThat! I can no longer look at The Cheesecake Factory with anything but disgust - how dare your Herb Crusted Salmon be worth more calories than a chilli cheese dog and large fries from Dairy Queen?? RUDE), that people practice Naked Yoga and in fact post such pictures online, and now, add useless but interesting Tweets from Celebrities to the list :)

Thought I'd share my favorites...

Apparently, it's "Out With The Old, And In With The New!"

Sorry PLANKING, but your short time in the spot light is up... the *newest* fad is definitely owling .

 {read a brief history on wtf those are here if you have no clue}

Hilary Duff Tweets: "Didn't wanna hit carmageddon so I'm just owling all weekend!"

Think Owling is cool? You can let it know so by Liking It On Facebook.

While some may prefer to do the "stanky leg", Katy Perry prefers to chow down on a huge turkey leg.

Thank you Katy Perry for continuing to amuse/disgust/delight me with your strange ways.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Look for Less - Sam Edelman "Novato" Slingbacks

Classy, Reserved, with Just a Peek of Polish from your Pedicure!

These Sam Edelman "Novato" Slingbacks were even a Rachel Zoe Top Pick at Piperlime.

{From Left to Right:  Gold, Leopard, Patent Nude}

The above can be purchased for $99


You can scoop up one of the 'sale' colors:

{Left to Right:  Sand Canvas - $79  , Black or Black & White Print $59}


{I know, this just keeps getting better doesn't it?}

Pick up a rainbow of colors in the exact same style shoe for only $17

{Click Continue to See the Look for Less!}

Look for Less - Fergie's "Blazing" Bow Slingback Pumps

I'm obsessed with everything feminine, and to me there is nothing sexier than a satin pale pink slingback pump...


Fergie's "Blazing" Bow Slingback Pumps

Which you can find at which literally has the largest selection of women's shoes!

I'm only $99.99


If throwing down $100 for a pair of shoes makes you cry a little bit inside, because it would mean you would have to pick just one pair, then you can score the Look for Less...

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Look for Less - Vince Camuto Black "Mistys"

A Bold, Black Leather Peep Toe Pump Perfect for Your Transition into Fall Fashion with Rosette Embelishments:

The "Mistys" by Vince Camuto

Can be purchased for $118 here


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Thursday, July 7, 2011

V.I.P.'s {Very Important People}

If you read my blog, I may refer to the following people quite often... so here's a quick introduction:

{My Family}

[From Left to Right (Clockwise): Carlee, Mari, Myself, Mom, Dad]

I'm the eldest of three girls.  I just don't always act it.

{The BoyFriend}


[We've been dating almost 2 full years now - he makes me happy :) ]

{The BFF}

Ashley, a.k.a. 'A', a.k.a. 'Smashley'

We talk/blog/email/chat daily... and know entirely way too much about each other's lives.

{The Roommate}


[a.k.a. 'Colie - little spitfire of fun!]

{The Little Sister}


Absolutely darling... I adore this one. 

{The Littlest Sister}


a.k.a. You'd-Better-Never-Mess-With-This-One!! Love my little Miss Attitude. She's growing up so quick!! ::tear::

{The Soulmate}


We met at McDonalds when we were 3 years old. No joke.  Still friends!  Only she lives in Colorado and I miss her all the time!

{The Cat}


My little princess furball who never wants to look at the camera...

A Little Bit About Myself...

Hi! My name is Brittany and I'm ridiculously addicted to sparkles.

In fact, I claim it as my favorite color. Many have tried to argue with me by telling me sparkles is NOT a color, to which I simply reply: "If I were to be shown the color blue and the color sparkly blue, and I chose the sparkly blue as the better of the two than the only difference would be the addition of sparkles and I would therefore conclude sparkles to be the defining attribute and therefore my favorite color."

I'm a math major working as an engineer and surrounded by boys & technology all day long - therefore this BLOG is dedicated to everything else in my life ::Fashion, Fitness, Food & Fun::

Wants? To travel internationally, to meet Jillian Michaels (seriously love her!!!), and to be styled by Rachel Zoe (would be ba-na-nas!).

I've had a few hardships regarding love & health, but don't like to dwell on the past.  I truly believe what defines you is how you deal with and move on from a situation - those who stay positive become stronger and happier people. 

That being said, in the past few years I've really put a focus on integrating more positivity into my life and this includes taking better care of myself.  Having a heart condition {slight regurgitation in the tri-cuspid valve}, weaker-than-average lungs from a severe case of Bronchitis Senior year of high school and refusing to stay home from dance practice {hey! I had a solo!}, and already having had surgery once on my legs for poor circulation may make it difficult for me to run - but I've come to *love* running with a passion.  It's me time, it's de-stressing, it gives you crazy endorphins, it teaches you to push yourself and to believe in yourself.  So even though I may not be the fastest runner, nor the longest distance runner, I'm continually improving and I'm happy with that. 

I've also become obsessed with healthy cooking!  NO I am not a gourmet chef by any means -- in fact, up until after I graduated college I was proud to call myself the microwave queen!  But a new outlook on life, healthy living, and more time now that I'm not studying for exams all hours of the night means I can google recipes online and try to whip them up in my kitchen every so often! 

I created this blog as a way to share my interests with others and would love to hear yours -- I believe you can learn so much from connecting with others!

Hope you enjoy the blog :)

A few of the things that make me hapy...

{Icecream on a hot day... or any day really}
{Big Sunglasses}

{Cool Sunglasses}

{Being a Total Gangsta}

{See... I really am legit!}

{Supporting my BF's Favorite Sports Teams}

[Aside: I don't actually enjoy the 'viewing of sports'.  I don't know many of the rules and become completely ADD; however, I love excuses to dress up, invite people over, and yell at grown men on the T.V. for being big babies]

{Acting Like a Dork}

{My Amazing Family}

{When my BF makes his Monkey Face}

{My Precious Cat - Riley}

{A Snuggler}

[a.k.a. - a warm chocolatey drink that just makes you want to snuggle up afterwards!]

{Furry Coats}

[This includes furry blankets, furry pillows, furry throws, furry mittens, and panthers]

{The Fact That I Know All My BFF's Secrets}


{Exploring Caves}

[I'm hardcore, I know]

{Rainbow Floats}

[I own approx. 1,209,689,654 rafts.  Check out my garage if you don't believe me.]

{Any party where they make me silly hats}


{Carving Pumpkins}

{Dressing up... for Halloween or any other occasion!}

{Crazy Mixed Drinks}

{Ice Shows}

[Ice is prismatic and sparkly.  I also love Icecream, Iced Coffee, and Icing - as in the bling you wear, like a diamond ring... which I don't have, but I wouldn't mind ;) ]

{Giant Penguins}

[Really any type of Giant Blown Up Animal would probably make me happy... most anything a child would like.  I'm easily amused.]

{Blow Up Snowman Doll @ Ugly Sweater Xmas Party}

[What did I say? Easily Amused...]

{Parades where I get free beads.... }

{Dancing with the Roommate}

[Really all dancing... any time, any where, I ain't scared]

{Pretending anything is a microphone...}
{And Embarrassing My Little Sister}

{Taking Pictures}

[and having my picture taken]

{Lake Time}
{Time with the BFF}

{Anything with the Letter "B"}


[It starts with a "B".... ]

{Catching Animals on Film Doing Ridiculous Things}

{Holy Begeeesus Look at those SuckerFish Go!}

[Technically I think they were called 'Cuddle Fish']



Remember... Just Keep Chasing the Sunshine, and Shadows will Fall Behind You <3