Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fancy Feasts and Goats Climbing Trees

I'd like to bring you the most shocking picture I've seen today:

Thank you Yahoo! for this story about Tree Climbing Goats.

I've learned a lot.

In other news, the weather is completely gorgeous in Texas right now and I plan on enjoying it every second that I can!  Mike and I took a bike ride this past weekend and went over 20 miles just enjoying the scenery, sunshine, and nice cool breeze. 

Oh wait, you think the tree climbing goats are far more interesting than my life? 

Fine, more goat pictures.

Now can we talk about me?

I'm wondering if there is a person out there who has ever completely crossed out their To-Do list.

I feel like everytime I cross out a few things, mine just grows.

You're right... that's boring too...

More goats for ya:

Dinner probably would be that exciting to you either, but it sure was fancy and delicious!!

We found some Wild Dover Sole on sale at Costco and decided to bake it with a lemon pepper + Italian seasoning and have some sinfully delicious Antioxidant Salad on the side.

{Baked Dover Sole & Antioxidant Salad}

After such a long bike ride I knew we'd be extra hungry, so I decided to whip up some hommade Mac N Cheese from a recipe I'd been dying to try for some time!!

Please go drool over the incredibly awesome Mac N Cheese pictures of IowaGirlEats here

Her photos are infinitely better than mine, but hey -- I never claimed to be a good photographer.

{My Version of Mac N Cheese}

I followed the Recipe pretty closely, but I didn't have nutmeg... and I squeezed out some actual mustard to replace the mustard powder.  Seemed to work well.

For my cheeses I used mostly Sharp Cheddar, with some Brie-Parmesan-Provolone sprinkled in.

So it's a 4-Cheese sauce.  Which sounds fancy :)

I also used half organic milk, half unsweetened almond milk.

The only thing I would do differently next time is add more milk - this was SO CHEESY it was extra thick!  I like mine just a teeeensy bit more like a sauce.

That being said, the recipe was a WIN.

And Work Place Outfit Post for Last Week:

Casual Friday

Navy pinstripe button up dress with tie at the waist
Learn more about these super cute wedges here  :)

Questions for the Day:

What is the strangest thing you've seen today/this week?

Have you ever made your own Mac N Cheese?  Do you prefer white or orange cheese?


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Oh my goodness, the goats were so random I laughed so hard!!
That mac and cheese looked delicious... I want some now...): You have become such a great chef!
And I loved your outfit!

*Sparkles* said... Best Blogger Tips ** Leave a lil' Suga **
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*Sparkles* said... Best Blogger Tips ** Leave a lil' Suga **
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