Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Search for the *perfect* workout capris/crops

I've been desperately searching for the PERFECT pair of workout capris.  I'd like to start with my current findings and ask for opinions on any of these that you might have tried??  Specifically, what worked and didn't work for you?

Personally, I use my work out capris for a wide range of activities - running indoor and outdoor, circuit training, Jillian Michael's workout DVD's, Tone It Up Girls workouts, biking with my boyfriend, hiking and yoga just to name a few.  When I first started leaning towards the more fitted workout wear I fell in love with the Victoria's Secret fold-over capris - the large fold-over waist band is very flattering and the capris are SO comfortable!  The only con is the type of fabric - it's a stretchy cotton, so now that it's summertime in Texas they become soaked in sweat if I go for an afternoon jog... that being said (sorry for TMI), I'm looking for some new workout capris that are up for the challenge!

Capris I have found with good ratings online:

Gap gFast Capris $44.50

LuLuLemon Run: Inspire Crops $86

Supposedly have superior wicking ability & 'no bounce' muscle support!

Jillian Michaels' New Favorite Capris $78

Nike Low Rise Crop Capri $50

LuLuLemon's Infamous Wunder Under Crops $68

Bebe SPORT Colorblock Legging $54

Athleta Quick Step Capri $59

 Things to consider:  looks do matter to me.  If the capris make me feel 'gross' or I find them unattractive they will probably never be worn.  I have some capris from Athleta I don't wear for this very reason - they are too high on the waist and they are too loose on the calves (they flare out away from the calf). 

Have you ever tried any of these brands? Do you have a favorite workout capri you swear by?  I'd love to know!




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You didnt include the under armour heat gear ones, I'm telling you they're awesome!