Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Little Bit About Myself...

Hi! My name is Brittany and I'm ridiculously addicted to sparkles.

In fact, I claim it as my favorite color. Many have tried to argue with me by telling me sparkles is NOT a color, to which I simply reply: "If I were to be shown the color blue and the color sparkly blue, and I chose the sparkly blue as the better of the two than the only difference would be the addition of sparkles and I would therefore conclude sparkles to be the defining attribute and therefore my favorite color."

I'm a math major working as an engineer and surrounded by boys & technology all day long - therefore this BLOG is dedicated to everything else in my life ::Fashion, Fitness, Food & Fun::

Wants? To travel internationally, to meet Jillian Michaels (seriously love her!!!), and to be styled by Rachel Zoe (would be ba-na-nas!).

I've had a few hardships regarding love & health, but don't like to dwell on the past.  I truly believe what defines you is how you deal with and move on from a situation - those who stay positive become stronger and happier people. 

That being said, in the past few years I've really put a focus on integrating more positivity into my life and this includes taking better care of myself.  Having a heart condition {slight regurgitation in the tri-cuspid valve}, weaker-than-average lungs from a severe case of Bronchitis Senior year of high school and refusing to stay home from dance practice {hey! I had a solo!}, and already having had surgery once on my legs for poor circulation may make it difficult for me to run - but I've come to *love* running with a passion.  It's me time, it's de-stressing, it gives you crazy endorphins, it teaches you to push yourself and to believe in yourself.  So even though I may not be the fastest runner, nor the longest distance runner, I'm continually improving and I'm happy with that. 

I've also become obsessed with healthy cooking!  NO I am not a gourmet chef by any means -- in fact, up until after I graduated college I was proud to call myself the microwave queen!  But a new outlook on life, healthy living, and more time now that I'm not studying for exams all hours of the night means I can google recipes online and try to whip them up in my kitchen every so often! 

I created this blog as a way to share my interests with others and would love to hear yours -- I believe you can learn so much from connecting with others!

Hope you enjoy the blog :)

A few of the things that make me hapy...

{Icecream on a hot day... or any day really}
{Big Sunglasses}

{Cool Sunglasses}

{Being a Total Gangsta}

{See... I really am legit!}

{Supporting my BF's Favorite Sports Teams}

[Aside: I don't actually enjoy the 'viewing of sports'.  I don't know many of the rules and become completely ADD; however, I love excuses to dress up, invite people over, and yell at grown men on the T.V. for being big babies]

{Acting Like a Dork}

{My Amazing Family}

{When my BF makes his Monkey Face}

{My Precious Cat - Riley}

{A Snuggler}

[a.k.a. - a warm chocolatey drink that just makes you want to snuggle up afterwards!]

{Furry Coats}

[This includes furry blankets, furry pillows, furry throws, furry mittens, and panthers]

{The Fact That I Know All My BFF's Secrets}


{Exploring Caves}

[I'm hardcore, I know]

{Rainbow Floats}

[I own approx. 1,209,689,654 rafts.  Check out my garage if you don't believe me.]

{Any party where they make me silly hats}


{Carving Pumpkins}

{Dressing up... for Halloween or any other occasion!}

{Crazy Mixed Drinks}

{Ice Shows}

[Ice is prismatic and sparkly.  I also love Icecream, Iced Coffee, and Icing - as in the bling you wear, like a diamond ring... which I don't have, but I wouldn't mind ;) ]

{Giant Penguins}

[Really any type of Giant Blown Up Animal would probably make me happy... most anything a child would like.  I'm easily amused.]

{Blow Up Snowman Doll @ Ugly Sweater Xmas Party}

[What did I say? Easily Amused...]

{Parades where I get free beads.... }

{Dancing with the Roommate}

[Really all dancing... any time, any where, I ain't scared]

{Pretending anything is a microphone...}
{And Embarrassing My Little Sister}

{Taking Pictures}

[and having my picture taken]

{Lake Time}
{Time with the BFF}

{Anything with the Letter "B"}


[It starts with a "B".... ]

{Catching Animals on Film Doing Ridiculous Things}

{Holy Begeeesus Look at those SuckerFish Go!}

[Technically I think they were called 'Cuddle Fish']



Remember... Just Keep Chasing the Sunshine, and Shadows will Fall Behind You <3


Mari said... Best Blogger Tips ** Leave a lil' Suga **
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Okay this absolutely cracks me up! Especially the embarassing me partP:
But I know for a fact that all of these things about you are true.. too true..

And also I am super jealous of all your sweet blog updates! I would like to know how to do every single thing you just did, please&thankyou. lol(: I love reading about you!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips ** Leave a lil' Suga **
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I love sparkles too... and I was a math major too!!! How awesome are we?!?!!