Monday, January 16, 2012

The Look for Less - Metallic Sweater Dresses

Let's start off this FABULOUS Monday with some Fashion, Shall we??

As the weather cools down, it's easy to let your style slide (and hide in cozy sweat pants, sweatshirts and fuzzy socks!).. but there's no better way to heat things up than with a signature sweater dress

Little Metallic Striped number was recently seen on

Modern Family's Julie Bowen

She is absolutely gorgeous!  The dress is chunky, but the mid-thigh length shows off her toned legs and keeps the look fresh.  If you go with a bold pattern like Julie, make sure to take a hint from her and keep your accessories basic.

Similar Look for Less:

Victoria's Secret Striped Metallic Sweater Dress
Orig $79.50 SALE $39.99

If the stripes are a bit bold for your taste, try a solid metallic like this one:

Alice & Olivia Lurex Knit Metallic Dress SALE $177

You can get a similar Look for Less in a multitude of colors:

Animal Print, Orig. $79.50 Clearance $34.99
Solids, Orig. $69.50 Clearance $28.99
Metallic Prints, Orig. $79.50 Clearance $39.99

Same Boat Shaped Neckline as Alice & Olivia Dress - Non Metallic Option

Victoria's Secret Jersey Sweater Dress
Orig $59.50 SALE $34.99

Another nice play on the Metallic Sweater Dress is with a Turtleneck.

Diane Von Furstenberg Cybelle Metallic Dress $241

Similar look worn by Kate Middleton (Ralph Lauren)

And you can find suitable Look for Less options such as

Orig. $79.50 Clearance $39.99

I personally love the ruching because since the dress is tight it helps hide ANY lines.

Victoria's Secret Cotton Ribbed Sweater Dress
Orig. $59.50 Clearance $24.99

And my personal favorite,

Victoria's Secret Turtleneck Sweater Dress
Special $69.50

Which I actually own in a Dark Chocolate Brown

Thank you once again crappy bathroom lighting at work.

I love this dress because it is a thicker fabric than the cotton which gives it a nicer look, the turtleneck is full, soft and not restrictive and the length is work appropriate.

I got the dress two Christmas-es ago from my mom Santa Claus and it still feels new!

Questions for the Day:

Do you wear sweater dresses in the winter time?

What's your favorite way to style 'em, boots, pumps, tights?


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Julie Bowen looks hot! I love your outfit!