Thursday, June 30, 2011

Where do you find *Inspiration*?

I was lunch-time reading one of my *favorite* blogs today (Peanut Butter Fingers) and she mentioned wearing these athletic socks that say "No Nonsense" across the toes...
{We mean business!!!}

::P.S. I'm pretty sure I scooped these up from a Wal-Mart, Wal-Greens or the like!!!::

I giggled to myself because I also have these 'No Nonsense' socks - mine are black, like the picture above.  And as Julie blogged - sometimes a simple phrase can really put you in the mood!  Her workout today was "No Nonsense" (As I believe most of her workouts are -- and if you're looking for some inspiration, she posts about them here).

This got me thinking - what other items do I have that can set the same type of inspiration in my mind? 

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I know I have a Victoria's Secret Racerback Tank from their Pink line that says "Get Off Of My Cloud!" which makes me laugh & smile every time I put it on! It's my favorite to wear to the gym when I'm in a super cheery "go-get-'em-tiger!" sort of attitude. 

{will insert picture here next time I wear it - swear!}

I'm also a huge fan of personalizing things.. frames, jewelry, and even my Road ID which should be comming in the next few weeks!  Not only will my motivational quote keep me going on those long runs, but if I pass out from the absolutely-ridiculous-hotter-than-Hades Texas heat I will have some sort of identification and emergency contact on hand for whatever lucky-duck finds my passed out booty! 

{example of what my Road ID will look like!}

Haha, thought I was really going to give you the dirty deets??  blocked!! 
(Do people really say that phrase? Am I even using it right?  That's probably a 'No'... I'll go back to reading UrbanDictionary and pretending I'm a straight up Gangsta now... )

And I recently purchased and am now the proud owner of a Skinny Runner T-Shirt (check out the hilarious blogger here).

I love that it basically says "Don't Stop" and when I put it on I hear the song playing in my head "Don't Stop, Belieeeeeeeeving!"  {haha - it's stuck in your head now too I know it is!}  PLUS when I went running in it, and I felt like quitting (this Texas heat is so danggg hot!) I easily went another 4min or so before breaking bc I thought to myself WWSRD? {What Would Skinny Runner Do}  Ummm.. she would tell her "Jank Face" to push through it and finish another 10-or-so-miles! (Her words, not mine! I think she has a FABULOUS face... but I'd never heard the word "Jank" before and it makes me laugh)  And actually, she recently published a post about motivating yourself when it's just one-of-those-days... she calls it a Self Loving Kick In The Rear -->
"I don’t care about your feelings right now.  You will feel better afterwards.  Take a tip from Nike and Just Do It – GO RUN!"
LOL There's another one!  Nike - Just Do It!

Another powerful motivator:

Yes, Yes I will...

And apparently so will Jennifer Love Hewitt!  In her book she mentions putting a cupcake on her treadmill to motivate her - and she didn't let herself off until she burned enough calories to eat the cupcake! Way to stay dedicated Jennifer, way to stay dedicated!

“I’ve run on my treadmill in heels thinking that it would make better leg muscles. “It doesn’t. It just hurts your back. And I’ve gotten on the treadmill with a scoop of ice cream. I was like ‘At least I’m working out.'”

So that brings me to my question today -- what motivational sayings inspire you?  Are you more likely to buy something if it has a positive message?


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Apparently Wii Fit 'weight' motivation is not my thing. I began the program 4 days agao, and everytime I step on the balance board my weight goes up... now almost 20 pounds. No, I have not gained 20 pounds in four days (I believe it has to do with 'where' the balance board is located, and I obviously can't seem to get it in the same spot where I weighed in on day one). So, today I meansured myself in inches, in hopes, that this will be both more accurate and more MOTIVATING! Although Cupcake motivation may also work!