Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Maxi-mum Style

The right Maxi length can be tough to figure out - how short is too short and what shoes can you pair your maxi with? 

Personally, I love for my maxi to almost skirt the ground - which would make it impossible to buy something that I could wear with both heels and flats.  Until I discovered the Express Maxi Skirt (thanks Ashley for the recommendation!)

The skirt comes in a lightweight, jersey knit and comes in a handful of colors.  It's $59.90 but Express is constantly offering deals like buy-one-get-one-half-off and $25 off your $75 purchase so keep an eye open!  The *best* feature of the skirt though is its fold-over waist band.  The super thick band is about 4-5inches so fold it all the way over and keep the skirt short for flip flop days and simply un-fold it to add 4-5inches of length for your wedges at night!  This is especially a good buy for you model-esque tall women out there as you have the option of wearing the skirt long! 

This skirt is very figure flattering -- I only have one picture of me in it so far though, on travel this summer:

Hi!  This is me in my Express Maxi Skirt

I've got it folded to wear with sandals in the picture.
{Yes, all the way folded over it is still long on me - I am not blessed with long super model legs!}


A great Maxi Dress I've found that is generous with the length is this one from Victoria's Secret:

Currently on SALE for $59.50 :)

So that you can get an accurate feel for the length, here's the dress on me {I'm 5'5"} :

{Meet my boyfriend, Mike!!}

I was honestly stepping on the dress for half the trip and should most likely invest in getting it hemmed or only wear it with wedges from now on... I'm klutz-y enough as it is without setting myself up for disaster!!

{For the record - I only came back with 3 bruises of unknown origin from our trip - WIN!}

Now to answer the question of "How short is too short?" [for a maxi]

As I mentioned earlier, I'm a fan of the longer the better in my personal style, but that causes problems when it comes to walking in general and my shoes don't really get all that much attention. [and Mike thinks it's ridiculous and that the maxi's actually look significantly better when they end slightly above the ankle - so if you're looking for a guy's perspective there it is!]

{  I also love extremely LARGE sunglasses.  And bags. And rings. He's learning to deal :)  }

So here's an example of a shorter Maxi done properly:

Photo Credit: Broke & Beautiful

So chic.

Do you own a maxi dress or skirt?  What do you pair it with - heels, wedges or flats?  What do you think is the ideal length for a maxi?


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I actually strongly dislike the ones that end around or above the ankles. They remind me of "flooding" (wearing too short jeans) and I feel like it's an awkward length. In my opinion a full length dress should be just that... Worn over your full length :)


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips ** Leave a lil' Suga **
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I agree with Ashley and you. I think longer is better. Although I do like the example of the shorter Maxi you provided(:


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I love the Maxi! Especially in the HOT Texas weather we've been having. And whether you are young (like you) or a bit older (like me), you can find a maxi dress that looks good.