Wednesday, June 29, 2011

*Inspired* - Fitness Must Haves {omg I love way too many things}

This post was inspired by a Get Fit for 2011 Challenge posted by FitSugar {a very addicting site!}.

As I've continued on my journey of becoming even more active and living a healthier lifestyle I've picked up some new gear on the way and here are some of my favorites:

K-Swiss Tubes (Running Shoes)

I had never owned anything K-Swiss prior to these, but am a *huge* fan of Jillian Michaels and decided to try them out.  I found them in a Famous Footwear, put them on, and ran up and down the aisles countless times to make sure the shoes were legit.  I'm not sure if it is the tube technology, or just in my head, but I really do feel as if I'm springing forward slightly when I wear them.  I think they're great for cross training, squats, lunges, and short runs

My other athletic shoes are the Mizuno Wave Rider 14's

(Found in a post by a fellow FitSugar Reader) I saw them on sale at Nordstroms and loved the color (black & lavender) because darker sneakers don’t get dirty as quickly when you’re running outside! Okay… they get dirty just as quickly but they don’t show it Eye-wink

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And the perfect complement to your running shoes? SOCKS

 These PUMA Running Tech socks are my favorite! They’re black and low so they don’t clash with my sneakers, they’re sweat wicking, they have cushion where I need it AND they have awesomely *fierce* Pumas on them!! I like to wear them around the house even after working out and attack my boyfriend with them… I’ve acquired so many now he’s accused me of being a ‘Puma sock hoarder’ LOL (of course this was after watching an episode of that reality Hoarders show… so he was just convinced everyone hoards something)

Let’s see… next fitness must have? Face wipes!! For immediately after your workout… I have such sensitive skin this is very important for me.

Boots No. 7 Quick Thinking Wipes are the only wipes that don’t irritate my skin. They are not greasy nor foamy and they take off even the toughest mascara. It’s a British brand I think, but you can buy it at Target.

Alright,…. So now I have socks, shoes, and I can wipe my face… but other than that I haven’t told you about any workout attire that I wear so as far as you know I’m one of those people who’s really into Naked Hiking.. or Naked Yoga… or one of those ‘trends’

::I’m not::

I recently allowed myself to purchase some Lululemon gear after hitting a big milestone in my running workouts and I ordered a pair of Light Pink & Black Run Speed Shorts

I was *very* nervous about these as I don’t typically like short shorts on myself, but these are super flattering and stay in place when I run and the zipper pocket for your key is ideal. If you want to know more about them or how excited I was when they came in the mail you can keep reading here.

Best Fitting Jacket award goes to a SALE find at Nordstrom’s:

Really, anything with thumb holes wins me over hands down! I used to cut slits in my sweatshirts for my thumbs to keep the sleeves down. Now it’s a trend. Who knew?  (Note: apparently that picture doesn't show the thumbholes... but the jacket has them, the model clearly is just not making good use of them.  Maybe she thought they weren't there on purpose and were actually just holes.)

Favorite headphones:

iFrogz EarPollution Luxe Headphones w/Microphone
 I got these at Best Buy with a warranty because I go through headphones like crazy (I cannot stand when only one ear bud will play my music loud and I have to trade them out!) They stay in during my run and I like the microphone because I can call my mom during my cool down and talk hands free -- Does anyone else do this?? Lol

And for MUSIC my must have is my *guilty pleasure* Miss Britney Spears
{omg she is so freakin' hot! I want those abs} 
I am looking for a new armband so let me know if anyone has recommendations – I don’t have an iPhone, I have the Evo which is slightly larger… 

And finally, my last Fitness *must have* (jeeze I have a lot of ‘must haves’… does this make me high maintenance?? Lol) would be an AWESOME PROTEIN SHAKE! Seriously, without these I would never get enough protein to fuel my workouts… best recipe here  AND with coffee here.

Anyone else tried any of these?? Do you love them or do you think I'm missing out on something even better? 

P.S. you should definitely go enter some of the FitSugar Challenges -- you can win $100 gift cards sponsored by a bunch of name brand companies!


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I love your yummy protien shake recipes- now that I have a working (and awesome) blender (yay!). The tube technology looks interesting. Lol on the PUMA (attack) socks. I think every girl needs a pair!


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This protein shake recipe is great. I like to drink protein shake after my workout so i will keep this recipe in my mind and try this today.
Great sharing and very impressive.