Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Surprise -- and Welcome Home!!

I came home to my apartment today to find.. ::dah dah DAH::

  N  E  W      T  H  I  N  G  S       !  !  ! 

Yay!!!!!!!!! Nothing cheers me up more than seeing that brown box on my counter meaning a prize has finally arrived in the mail! [Yes, a 'prize' -- when I really really want something not only do I stalk it online searching out the best detail, sometimes for MONTHS, but I also make myself earn it whether it be with a lil healthier eating, cleaning, or pushing myself in my workouts]

Step #1.  Open Box

Step #2.  Get *this* excited about what's inside!!! woohoo!!

What was inside do you ask??? NEW WORKOUT GEAR!!!

My Bubble Gum Pink Jillian Michaels "Sexy" Bra

Definitely the most money I've ever spent on a sports bra... but after watching [eh em... getting my butt kicked by] her last DVD I've been wanting to try it out soo so so badly!!

And LuLuLemon Run Speed Shorts in Pink Mist

First LuLuLemon run purchase and probably won't be my last!  I'm typically a Walmart/Target workout fiend all the way... with a little Victoria's Secret yoga wear thrown in, but it feels very rewarding to know I've worked towards my goals and now I get new things - and I especially like that they're things that will keep pushing me towards harder workouts and better runs!  Yes.. sometimes I do simply reward myself with a delicious cookie, but I feel that giving myself the gear that will help push me to succeed is a much better use of the rewards system - don't you agree??

{Prepare yourself for the self-timed try-it-on shot}

Doubt I'll actually be wearing this bra out in public without some sort of a loose fitting top over it but wanted to give you all an idea of how it fits on someone who isn't blessed with Miss Jillian Michael's incredible abs of steel ::sigh::

.. my fault really.  I haven't yet completed her "Ripped in 30" DVD... heard Level 4 is killer.  Maybe that's where I'll find those abs...

Do you ever 'reward' yourself for maintaining a healthy & active life style?  What is your favorite splurge?

What is the most expensive workout gear you own?



Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips ** Leave a lil' Suga **
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You look super hot in this. You don't even need a baggy over shirt(: You're stomach is tiny!!


JustLikePoetry said... Best Blogger Tips ** Leave a lil' Suga **
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Brittany!! I'm so proud of you for staying fit and in shape! And for rewarding yourself with workout gear! That's awesome! Haha. And you look great! Absolutely fabulous all the time...I'm convinced there's never a moment when you don't look good! Jillian Michaels...oh man she's scary!