Thursday, October 20, 2011

What do you see in yourself? (P.S. Yesterday I Saved A Life)

We're often told that you can see what you want to see in life.

If you wake up in a horrible, foul mood you're probably going to notice bad things all day - whereas even just by trying to put a smile on your face you already begin inviting positive interactions into your day.

I recently saw this posted via FB and thought it was a fun exercise.

Look at the picture, and the first four words that you see describe you in a sense.

What did you see?

  If you saw anything negative, maybe you are a little too critical on yourself... or maybe it's an area you've been meaning to work on.

My Words:


Pretty Darn Girly.

Personally, I would've loved for "Outgoing" or "Charasmatic" to have been on my list, but I didn't notice them until later after staring at that Smiley for a while to see which words I didn't  get.  And... I could've done without sentimental.  I know I am sentimental, for sure -- but I don't necessarily want it to be one of the first four things I see in myself.  I sometimes think that working on not being too sentimental is important.  You can't take everything personally --- which is funny, because I realize I started out this paragraph using the word "Personally".  So yep, I tend to take things personally.

Speaking of Sentimental  I have a story for you...

It's the story of


So yesterday I worked really really late.

I mean, I was at my desk before 8am and at 6:45pm I was still making phonecalls.

The workplace is pretty quiet around that time, and I don't like taking phonecalls at my cube because the walls are short and thin and I don't like talking over people (although really most everyone had already left the office at this point).  So it's habit that I'll take cell phone calls elsewhere which is why I was standing in the back hallway by the emergency exit door.  I'd been on the phone for a while so I was just staring at the base of the door when I noticed a baby lizard. 

"Whhhaaattt in the world is a baby lizard doing in this building?" I thought to myself.

It must have gotten let inside when we had the emergency fire drill earlier.  Darn it all silly lizard - you're NEVER going to get back out this door!  It's zip tied shut and won't be opened for another 6 months when we have another drill.....

So that got me to thinking about what I should do.

I couldn't just leave the baby lizard there to starve to death and die.  How depressing!

But I also knew I am not so good with squirmy wiggly things and the chance of me successfully evacuating the lizard from the building was slim to say the least.

So I called MIKE.

He thought I was kidding at first...

"Baby, there's a BABY LIZARD and he's stuck and he CANNOT get out without your help!"

Mike - "Brittany.. where are you?  Are you still at work?"

Me - "YES.  But that's not the point... the lizard needs to be taken safely outside and not through this door..."

Mike - "Alright... I'll come around and get him...... where are you?"


You know... he must really love me.

Mike came around and captured the lizard and only lost him once in the hallway before successfully evacuating the lizard outside.

{Losing him in the hallway was a bit funny... no one was quite sure what we were chasing down the hall, the lizard was camoflaged quite nicely with the popcorn looking carpets here}

And HERE is a picture I got of Geraldo once we had successfully saved his life!

{Sorry it's blurry, little guy wouldn't hold still!!!}

And this is the outfit I wore during the daring rescue...

Please ignore my wallet... I snapped this picture right after I scooped up some lunch from the cafeteria!

Anyways... work is long I have a million  new projects to work on...

but I still want to know ---

Questions for the Day:

What four words did you see in the picture?

Have you ever done something as silly as trying to rescue a tiny animal?


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips ** Leave a lil' Suga **
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Umm your words totally kicked my words butts! I saw these words first: Dependent, insecure, lazy, happy..... I think my words might be a little off.. lol

That is a cute story about Mike coming to your (the lizards) rescue! hahaa(:

Love Mari

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips ** Leave a lil' Suga **
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OMG. Love the Geraldo story. He is one lucky lizard!

My words in order: Naive, passionate, outgoing, and happy. Very interesting exercise! I agree with your ideas about your words. And Mari always feels guilty if she isn't being productive so I think she might have seen 'lazy' because she wants to be able to just forget about her to do list and veg out. Lol.


Chels said... Best Blogger Tips ** Leave a lil' Suga **
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My for words were:
and wrestless
The wrestless is 100% true, I can not sit still for longer then five minutes. I consider myself to be a little niave, very passioniate about things and also thoughtful. Cool post!

BSparkles said... Best Blogger Tips ** Leave a lil' Suga **
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at least you had happy!! I think you're just really hard on yourself - maybe this exercise should tell you to focus more on all your positives ;)

BSparkles said... Best Blogger Tips ** Leave a lil' Suga **
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We both got passionate! that's a really good one :) ... I get restless on days I haven't had time to workout/run -- it's all the built up energy! Glad you liked the post!

BSparkles said... Best Blogger Tips ** Leave a lil' Suga **
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I know right? LUUUCKY lizard!

I love that you got HAPPY as a word! and you should be happy... your birthday isn't far away! :-D