Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Skinny... on Being Skinny

Today has been one of those days.  You know, the kind where nothing wants to go your way and everything takes 10 times longer than it should... such as every data report I tried to pull today.

Downloads were extra slow... snail pace...

And then they'd get up to 90% Complete and fail out.

I kept getting this message:


Thank you tiny kitten... that's exactly what I needed to hear.  The reports were only failing because of me. Why didn't I think of that?  ingenious.

That cat needs to attend Diversity Training.


While waiting for all these reports to download I did what any other person in the 21st Century with a Smart Phone would do... I scanned the internet for interesting articles.

I stumbled upon this article from Men's Health on Habits Skinny People Typically Have...


Men's Health Skinny Habits

Skinny Habit #1: Eat an Early Dinner
I know it's bad to eat late at night, which means it's even more important to get in your workout early so you aren't stuck making dinner at 8pm... note to self!

Skinny Habit #2: Weigh Yourself Daily
Personally I think this should be more like once a week because of daily weight variences..

Skinny Habit #3: Eat a boring diet
I heard this is true.. somewhere they did a study where the thinnest population had a very bland diet (all very scientific, aren't you glad I took the time to check my facts?).  Well, that makes sense, if the only food you offered me was boring I probably would only eat when I was hungry.. but I wouldn't be very happy.  So clearly these hints aren't habits skinny happy people have.

Skinny Habit #4: Reward yourself
I like this one. I like this one a lot. 

Skinny Habit #5: Read diet and exercise tips
And Healthy Living Blogs!!!! :-D 

Skinny Habit #6: Eat breakfast
You always have time for a Fiber One bar, a quick protein shake, or some overnight oats.

Skinny Habit #7: Take snack breaks
Fiber One bar in the afternoon to keep you full until dinner time, check.

Skinny Habit #8: Drink water
Most days I remember to bring a water bottle with me to work -- and I always refil my cup of ice water at lunch at least once.  Staying hydrated is important especially if you're training.

Skinny Habit #9: Order a la carte
I know my friends and family sometimes get annoyed at all my specific requests when at restaurants.. but how else am I supposed to know exactly what is going to be on my plate and that it will be good for me?  Asking questions just makes you an informed consumer.

Skinny Habit #10: Choose whole grains
When picking a carb, choose a carb that will be good for your body!

Skinny Habit #11: Eat spicy food
Hmm.. I hate spicy food... but I've worked my way up to tolerating Medium Salsa, so maybe one day?

Skinny Habit #12: Sleep for 6 to 8 hours each night
Yes -- and if I don't get my beauty sleep I am cranky.

Skinny Habit #13: Manage stress
Running? Check. 

Skinny Habit #14: Take the stairs

Skinny Habit #16: Walk after meals
I'm not very good at this one.. sometimes by the time I've had dinner I just want to relax! 

Skinny Habit #17: Keep healthy food on hand
Double Check.

Skinny Habit #18: Learn to take a joke
As long as you're laughing with me, and not at me... right?

Skinny Habit #19: Eat protein
Low Carb Whey Protein Powder is my savior since I'm not a big meat lover. 

Skinny Habit #20: Avoid dinner distractions
I love conversation, and watching Modern Family... do these count as distractions? Does anyone actually eat in silence?? 

In all honesty I can say I genuinly follow about 14 of those habits.

If there was one habit I should work on it's most likely the "Eat Dinner Early" one... I guess there's no time like the present to Start!

Right as soon as I find the "Any" key...

Last night I was exhausted and got home late from work which resulted in Mike & I ordering Chinese Delivery which I'm usually very skeptical about. 

I googled the internet until I found a near by restaurant that posted pictures of its food and one whose vegetables didn't appear to be straight out of a can.  Yes, I am that picky.

We got the Broccoli Rice with Seafood and the Terryaki Beef over a Medeley of Steamed Veggies and it was actually pretty good!  Sauce was on the side and I didn't care for it.. I mostly through all the extra veggies into my broccoli rice and topped it off with some soy sauce and had a big ol' glass of wine to finish :)

Sorry, no picture... I was too hungry...


I did want to share our fortunes with you guys:

{Mine first!}

What was really awesome about this is I made Mike laugh... then opened my fortune, then read it out loud.  YES.. I am blessed :)

{Mike's Fortune}

This one was my favorite.  He's 3 years older than I am so I always call him my old man :)

Wow.. I've been using far too many smiley faces today... crazy.


Snapped the pic before leaving for work to avoid craptastical bathroom lighting, YOU'RE WELCOME.

Pencil Skirt: The Limited
V-Neck T: Wet Seal Basic -- only $6.50!
Nude Pumps:

And yes... I recently had my hair cut and they took off 3 inches, sad day.

Questions of the Day:

How many of the "Skinny Habits" do you follow?

How do you enjoy your dinner - at the dining room table? In front of the TV?

Do you ever feel like your computer is out to get you?




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Yes love the sides!! Sorry about the technological failures/downloads.. so frustrating!! love you(:

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips ** Leave a lil' Suga **
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Any 'skinny' inspiration is welcome, and kitties are always cute!