Thursday, August 11, 2011

Conquoring Quinoa!!

...and subsequently being told I have a huge computer label sticker on my derriere.

Thank you kind sir for taking pity on me and informing me of this matter... I can only hope that it was not there long and that the people in this office are not so cruel that they would have allowed me to wander the halls and freqent their meetings all morning without letting me know of this embarrassing sticker. 

Started out my day today per usual, with a protein shake mixed up by the BF

Made it through the morning team meeting and back to my desk and found myself with a killer headache.  Luckily there's a community coffee pot (s) in my area so I hiked on over to get myself a big cup o'joe and on the way back to my desk is when I found out about the sticker on my ba'donk.  Awesome way to start the day.

Also, I found out I have a meeting at 11am which is when I usually eat lunch and no they are not providing lunch... so I decided to snack on one of the awesome 90 cal Fiber One bars at my desk and even enjoyed dunking it into the fresh, hot coffee :)

So hopefully that will hold me over until I can eat my lunch.  Which should be amazing since it's leftovers and last night I conquored quinoa!!!!

I've tried cooking with quinoa before and made a huge mess attempting to rinse and strain the little suckers and subsequently ended up with watery gross quinoa.  Tuesday Night I made quinoa with brown rice in my rice cooker pot and all turned out well so I gained back a little cooking confidence and decided to work solely with quinoa last night. 

Back to my awesome Rice Pot cooker I went!

Recipe for Sweet Quinoa with Craisins:

I also added a bit of lemon juice - you could also add salt to taste and/or honey if you prefer a stronger flavor.  I served this with Tilapia prepared two different ways (The Split Decision!)

See, I originally went to Central Market with the idea of Lemon Pepper in my head - because I like it AND I know how to do it well so it's a sure bet.  Near the Fish Station they had a taster station with Red Fish rubbed with some sort of Texas BBQ Rub - and the flavor was quite delicious.  So we bought the rub figuring we can use it on a lot of different things and I prepared one filet this way.

Final Product:

So, as we all know, while the Rice Cooker is AWESOME because it cooks everything for you - it's also simultaneously irritating because it takes so. freaking. long.  So what did I do for the 1.5-2 hours my quinoa and veggies were cooking? 

Well, I watched a hilarious old episode of Iron Chef, nibbled on Brie with fresh French Bread, and ran the perimeter of an island several times with the average speed of 4 seconds/rotation.  {what???}

No, Not that type of Island....

THIS one!!!!!!!!!

{Very Detailed Reinactment}

The BF found this hilarious, and I told him not to blink because I was faster than the Flash.  He then offered to time me and I made it around the whole perimeter, in socks, without slipping, in UNDER 4 seconds.  Booyah.

Calories Burned waiting for Quinoa to cook:  Hopefully = the amount of Brie I ate.

Well, back to the grind (a.k.a. work).

Question of the Day:

Do you watch any cooking shows?  What are your favorites?

I love food shows. I love to watch Cake Shows while on the treadmill/eliptical and listen to music while I stare at the delicious foods.  Recently I stumbled onto Iron Chef and find the show to be hilarious!



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hahahaa cute pictures!


iheartvegetables said... Best Blogger Tips ** Leave a lil' Suga **
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HAHAH that cracked me up.

I love those fiber one bars too!! They're filling and tasty!