Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Face Don't Be Rude

She does NOT look happy to be here.

The title of this post will make more sense by the end.. or not, but at least it should :)

First of all, let me appologize for being MIA lately, I will try to make up for it with multiple "catch-up" posts -- this has been my desk at work lately:

No Joke.

When people talk to me and ask where I've been my new response is "Running around like a chicken with its head cut off"

Sorry for the vivid picture -- but that's all I can compare it to.  I feel as if I'm so busy I'm constantly running, but my brain is so fried it's practically not useful at all.  Hence, head cut off chicken...


Today is Mike & My 2 Year Anniversary!!!!!!!!

Just dating Anniversary, but still... it's big to me :)   Well, and its the official dating Anniversary.. we actually started dating in June 2009 but I wouldn't let him call us official yet because I wanted him to prove his knightly worth  -- so archaic of me, I know, but it turned out well!

Since it's such a joyous day, I decided to carve out time for a post.

And in celebration of thus post I shall be performing this office inappropriate workout to burn maximum calories that I can then fill as I drown myself in Italian Pasta happiness tonight for a celebration dinner...

Speaking of delicious calories, if you haven't tried Chocolate Covered Katie's BOATMEAL (Baked Oatmeal) I tried her Cinnamon Roll version (sans icing) and it was DELICIOUS.

Highly recommend those calories!!!!!!

Not that I think anyone should be overly concerned about calorie consumption, but personally I do have to keep myself in check.  Otherwise I'd be a mountain.

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Something I saw the other day that I loved and had to share...

So true. Through exercise I've learned to love my body and love everything I am capable of! I'm not the best/fastest/longest distance runner - but I can run! and every time I do, I improve.  It really builds confidence in yourself - make sure to set little goals at the gym and then celebrate when you meet them!

One way to celebrate?  New nailpolish!!!!!!!

I call this look

The Rimmel Gray is actually a tiny bit lilac tinted in person... my camera isn't the best.  It's called Steel Gray and I paired it with a sparkle called 'Spit Fire' (fiesty, eh??)

I am in love with this combination!
The gray is still work appropriate, and the touch of sparkle as a french tip rocks my socks off. Now my feet are cold. JK - like that would happen, this is Texas y'all.

For any of you fellow Texans out there I have a new Restaurant Review...

Recently I was taken on a date to Whiskey Cake where they use local produce and slow cook everything!  It's super fresh and delicious and they have a plethora of 'Elixers' which are the coolest cocktails around (Such as a Honey Basil Collins or a Guava Gimlet). 

I went with the Grilled Chicken Sandwich topped with pesto and avocado on toasted sourdough bread - but next time I want to try their OMG burger (Onion Ring, Mushroom & Goodness... I don't know what goodness is but I know I want some)

I also got roasted broccoli on the side and they insisted on putting their freshly prepared chips on my plate although there was so much food that I had to decide between the sandwich and chips and the sandwich definitely won.

Sadly, I was TOO stuffed to even attempt their famed Whiskey Cake and I shall be heading back soon because I imagine something involving cake and alcohol to be pretty delicious and a must-have experience.  If it's anything like Tiramisu then I'm IN. 

Anniversary Dress:

The face is in reference to the lighting. Face, don't be rude!  I need to have a discussion with my office about the horrible flurescent lighting in the bathrooms... ew.

What do we think? It had to be work appropriate since we're going out to celebrate straight from work tonight.

I got this dress from HauteLook when they were featuring a Jessica Simpson sale - score!!

Randomly Funny Chat of the Day:

Speaking of things you need to have a talk with (a.k.a. my face), I was talking to my BFF Ashley who happens to be pregnant right now and she informs me that since she is having pre-labor contractions she's getting a HypnoBabies CD called "Baby Stay In!" - hypnosis track to help with preterm labor.

This is great. I can think of so many other Hypno CD titles that I would invest in...
"Abs Be Flat!"
"Ass Don't Sag!"

So Questions of the Day:

What Hypno CD title would you be interested in purchasing?

What's your main reason for working out?  Do you love the endorphin high? Do you simply do it to stay fit? Tell me :)

Nail polish & being appropriate for corporate America -- what are your feelings on neon nail polish and the office? 

- Personally if I show up to work with hot pink nails I find no one wants to take me seriously...


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips ** Leave a lil' Suga **
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I LOVE NEON NAIL POLISH(: But I understand what you are saying about work.. I went to my first Accounting Society meeting and they talked about appropriate business attire. Now, Like you, I like being business appropriate.. but also stylish! And you know what they said?!? Pretty much stick with black and white because most managers, especially in the Accounting Corporations, have old fashioned views and apparently don't like color... I mean does wearing one pink shirt say I am going to step out of conformity and rebel or something?? I mean crazy.. I hope I find an office that is a bit more leanient.. otherwise black and white here I come!! Lol

Cute outfits!!

And congrats to your two years together!!!!


Brittany *Sparkles* said... Best Blogger Tips ** Leave a lil' Suga **
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For some reason Black & White ALWAYS feels the most professional. I tend to pull the B&W when I have big meetings -- but you should look to wear fun/funky shoes and bracelets to get in a little extra sparkle :)

Best bet would be to invest in a few black cardigans & blazers that you can wear over any blouse to instantly feel 'corporate'. Then, keep a spunky pair of shoes in the car -- after work, slip off the jacket and slip on the spunky shoes and you're ready for happy hour!!

One day we'll teach the men of corporate America something about fashion ;) Congrats on your first Accounting Society Meeting!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips ** Leave a lil' Suga **
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Congratulations to you and Mike! You're post made me think of the Sarah Jessica Parker movie just out (or about to be) - except yours is for the modern single/dating girls. Headless chickens are appropriate in this situation. Lol. And so are CDs that help us be our best (even if that means telling baby to 'stay' or encouraging our butts to be 'Brazilian'). -J