Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Deal of the Day - BCBG MaxAzria on Rue La La!

One of my *all time*  favorite brands!

Deal of the Day is their Satin Locking Clutch in Pewter/Beige

Orig. $178 SALE $89.90

Featured at Rue La La

I actually own this exact purse in black leather and it's my favorite handbag!

It's dressy, chic, and holds the necessities when you go out at night - phone, camera, lipgloss, credit cards. 

The *best* part about the purse though is its super unique locking mechanism... the 'petal'-like BCBG symbol on the front rotates 45 degrees to 'unlock' the purse.

I originally saw this design over a year ago at a BCBG Outlet store and the purse was still well over $150 and I swore to wait for a sale!  Just a few months ago I was able to pick up the black leather & gold version of the bag and use it all the time. 

{My Bag}

BCBG as a brand is known for their chic designs and their timeless quality. 

Rue La La also has some cute BCBG Dresses that would transition well from Summer to Fall.  I wear a lot of their dresses to work and get tons of complements!

In fact, I'm wearing a BCBG Dress to work today:

Shoes: a Look for Less.  Resemble these BCBG heels  but I wanted them in a black color with a wedge, so I flipped when I found these shoes here.

{Close up view of dress for pattern detail}

Lunch today was a *win*.  Leftovers from last night... which means my dinner last night turned out well!

I took my second attempt at Quinoa last night.  I used my handy dandy rice cooker pot and combined 1 cup dried quinoa with 1 cup dry brown rice and the appropriate amount of water according to each bag.  I then added 1/2 a cube of Vegetable Chicken Broth for flavoring, some minced garlic, and pepper.  On the top steaming tray I added sliced mushrooms, chopped onions and chopped bell peppers to the rim.  Then clicked the 'Brown Rice' cook button and went out for a bike ride with the BF.  I love when dinner cooks itself :)

Finished Product:


I ended up adding some salt because I was in one of those moods but it was really delicious.  With my Quinoa I enjoyed a sliced red bell pepper which I love to eat raw as a snack, and since I've been starving all day after our hour long bike ride last night + my one extra mile that I ran (I wanted to go the extra mile lol!) I also have enjoyed an 80 calorie Nature Valley Dark Chocolate Granola Thin.

It's like a cookie - only it offers nutritional value haha.
The #1 Ingredient is Whole Grain Rolled Oats.  (Sure the next one is sugar, but you knew that when you saw the words 'dark chocolate' on the outside of the box!)

**EDIT**  Similar Bags found for $111.12 at!!!

Both BCBG on Sale from $278


Question of the Day:

What is the dress code at your job?  What do you wear to work?

I work at a pretty relaxed, corporate engineering office.  Some people wear polos and jeans but I'm not really a big fan of jeans unless it's cold outside and they always say "Dress for the job you want, not the job you have" so I try to keep it a bit more professional.  Unfortunately things are pretty conservative here so the only time I get to have 'fun' with fashion is on the weekends!  What about you?


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I wish the clutch was on sale in a different color!! I absolutely love your dress.. you have to let me borrow it some time(:


Brittany *Sparkles* said... Best Blogger Tips ** Leave a lil' Suga **
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More color bags went on sale!