Tuesday, September 27, 2011

15k Bike Race Recap - Corporate Challenge - *FIRST* Race Ever

Sunday September 11th was our 15k Bike Race as part of the Corporate Challenge.

I signed up for the Bike Race and the 5k Run and they are the first races I've ever competed in as long as you aren't counting Elementary School where I was downright legit at the water balloon relay.  Word.

I probably got into biking around January when the BF and I decided to look into getting bikes.

We went to our local Richardson Bike Mart and told the salesman we were total NEWBS and looking for beginner bikes.. he nods his head as if he understands us and says "Ah yes, so the SUB 1000 range..."

Sub $1,000 ?!?!?!?!?! Ummm.... WOW. I really was under the impression a $300 bike was a lot of money.  I mean... I still have to be able to afford shoes...

So I get completely schooled/versed on bikes and read a lot of stuff online but I still can't part with the money for a nice road bike -- I ended up going with a hybrid Men's DiamondBack but I absolutely love it.

It cost me a little less than $300 from Sports Authority and came with a free tune-up in the first year.  I like that my seat is more cushion-y than actual road bikes and that my handles bend back slightly so I can sit up straight when I'm riding.. it's a lot more comfortable. 

That being said, racing is not about being comfortable - so I decided to rent a road bike for my race. 

I was able to pick up the bike a day early which was a fabulous idea since I'd never ridden an actual road bike before -- but how difficult could that be?


The first 20min spent on the bike involved me thinking to myself on repeat "Please don't die! Please don't die!"

There was also a "Why am I not wearing knee pads? Elbow Pads?" and an "Eeeekkkkk!!!"

The bike was measured to create an optimal angle on my leg when riding, but this meant that it was slightly too tall for me to really stand over the seat - I kinda had to hop on and off which was even more difficult considering the fact that these Trek road bikes don't have kick stands.  I am CLUMSY. So clumsy I had the guy trade out the strap-in pedals for regular ones before I'd leave the store.... I don't need to be tied down to my bike when we both go down. Sorry, every man for himself.

{Stupid Bike!!!!}

Once on the bike you realize it's way way lighter than the bike you've been riding and it causes you to have trouble finding your equilibrium.  I felt shakey for the first 5min straight.

That being said, this thing flies.

I spent most of my first ride applying the brakes until I could overcome my fear of going head first into a wall/car/speeding airplane. 


I got used to it and felt ready enough for race day!

{Click Keep Reading for more of my Race Recap!}

We showed up in the morning an hour before the race to make sure we got checked in and timing chips etc.

There were already people there warming up on stationary bike devices which was a little intimidating!

I got my ankle timing device and lined up with my company and got ready to be released -- whee!!!

OMG I felt SO SLOW!!! 

There were some serious bikers out there... but I pushed myself, and I never quit even though some of those hills were the most KILLER thing I've ever faced.

My final time was 30:17 for the 15K which was the quickest I've ever gone.

This was how I felt after giving it my all:


And here's the winning professional outfit I sported this week:

Shoes: UrbanOg.com <-- great for cheap professional basics!!
Pencil Skirt: Express a few years back
Shirt:  BCBG Outlet
Headband:  Target.  Keeps hair out of mah face while I work ;)

Quick food recap from last week...

Mmm Salmon and Salad!!

Brunch Date @ Latin Cafe Zaguan's!  Egg White w/Veggie Omelette & Cheese Arepa! + fresh fruit smoothie.. mine was Strawberry Mango!

Oh yeah.. and I attempted to organize my roommate and my EPIC tupperware assortment....

Questions for the Day:

What was the first race you ever competed in?

How do you feel about biking/cycling?

How do you organize your tupperwares? Is there a secret to keeping this cabinet put together?!


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I LOVE 'the other bike' comic hahaaa that made my day(:

Aweeh poor little kids that fell down off their bikes!!

Congrats on completing your races--I'm soo proud to be your little sister!!


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Yay! You are a Champion! You neglected to mention that you rode in the brutal Texas sunshine- which earns you double points.

When you were a little girl, your dad and I wrapped you up in safety equipment so when you inevitably fell off your bike, you'd hit the ground like a padded princess. Who knew you would end up being so proficient on a bicycle! And still safety conscious! Yay!


ps slip in a pic of your bicycle.