Thursday, July 7, 2011

How to be a Mah-Jor Mommie!

My friend Stella is a Stellar mom. 

Ever since she has been pregnant with her 2nd child {Penny who is due in just a few weeks!} I have been seeing countless uploaded pictures on facebook of the new renovations she has been working on preparing for this little bundle of joy.  ::nesting anyone?::  Meanwhile, she continues to look super chic - so here's a post to a hot mama who has it all!

Step 1 to being a Mah-Jor Mama:

{Have a ridiculously CHIC little family!}

Step 2 to being a Mah-Jor Mama:


{Post picture of the soon-to-be newest addition of the family so others can be uuber jealous!}

Step 3 to being a Mah-Jor Mama:

{Rock the huge belly}

Work it Stella!!!

{For Steps 4 thru 8 just click to Keep Reading!}

Step 4 to being a Mah-Jor Mama:

{Repurpose and design custom mini-couture onesies for your daughter!}

{Onesie #1}

{Onesie #2}

{Onesie #3}

Step 5 to being a Mah-Jor Mama:

Create your own Luxe-Inspired quilt to wrap your baby in style!!

{Stella's new quilt}

Step 6 to being a Mah-Jor Mama:

Renovate Laundry Room into *Dream* Laundry Room... because every hot mama needs an organizational haven for all her chic things!

Step 7 to being a Mah-Jor Mama:

Make sure your baby is ready to be Accessorized!!

{Adorable Labels to Organize Baby's Drawers}

{Handmade Ribbon & Pin Board to hold all Penny's new Hair Clips}

{Tiny Crochet Cap with Bow to Keep Baby's Head Warm}

{Create Fashionable Hair Accessories to Dress Your Baby in Style}

Step 8 to being a Mah-Jor Mama:

Love your family with every bit of your heart.

{Stella, Micah, and Jordan}

{Recent Family Portrait: Stella, Micah, and Jordan}

We Love our Stylish Mama - Stella!

Isn't she Zoe - Adorable?!