Thursday, July 28, 2011

College Girl Loungewear - Look for Less


That being said, I've had college style on my mind lately.  Specifically, how I remember wanting to look pulled together while still being *comfortable*.  You're busy enough between classes, studying, and holding a job that you need a 'no fuss' solution for your wardrobe.  Mixing and matching becomes ESSENTIAL and your budget is typically tight.

::especially if you've been saving up some of your hard earned dough for 50c beer night!::

The other day I stumbled across the following depiction of the modern College Girl's go-to wardrobe..

And thought to myself how right they were. 

I love leggings and if they were more professional I would still wear them everyday. 
Cardigan is a must as you never know what temperature your next class is going to be.
Comfy T? YES, YES, YES!  Workout, Sleep, Class.. this is a staple in every young woman's closet.
Comfortable shoes for walking around campus.
And of course some good ol' chapstick and headbands to keep those fly-aways in check when you've been leaning over books for hours at a time.

J's report of the Images pictured above:
Petite Black Ponte Panel Leggings $36 - Topshop
Felicity V-NECK T-SHIRT $75 - Reiss
QSW Storm Stripe Cascade Cardigan $94 - Quiksilver
TOMS 'Classic' Glitter Slip-On (Women) $53 - Nordstrom
Paisley & Floral Headband $2 - Forever 21
Burt's Bees Pomegranate Lip Balm $3 - Smallflower

Without hesitation I forwarded the article to my little sister, Mari, who replied

"super cute but not really for in a college budget! lol(: "

WOW. I hadn't even stopped to notice the prices... sans the $2 headbands and $3 chapstick this list is overkill for what I believe most college students consider affordable!

So I decided to re-vamp the look FOR LESS.

{Look for Less after the JUMP!}

Alright so I whipped up not one but TWO great looks for less as spin-offs of the above post.  Plus, while I did include the TOMS (I completely support their mission to provide shoes to children in third world countries) I also included some more affordable choices for those whose first concern is putting shoes on their own feet with the money they have.

Look #1 -

Sunfade Burnout Tee $34.50 - Victoria's Secret
Canvas Skimmer Flats $10* - Go Jane
Yoga Leggings $29.50 - Victoria's Secret
Fab Headbands $1.50 - Forever 21
Subtle Metallic Eyelet Scarf $7.04 - Forever 21

Look #2 -

525 America Flyaway Cardigan $28.99 - Piperlime
Essential V-Neck Tee $13* - Victoria's Secret
Linen Skimmer Flats $10.95 - Go Jane
Daily Crop Leggings $20* - Victoria's Secret
Feminine Headbands $2.50 - Forever 21
Navajo Woven Scarf $6.50 - Forever 21

In case you didn't notice, I also added scarves because I absolutely ADORE them.  They are a cost efficient accessory you can use to mix up an outfit, tie together multiple colors, AND they're warm and cozy.

Questions for the Day:

What do you think of the looks?  Are you a Loungewear sorta-gal?

In college - what did you spend most of your money on?  Did you work or have a tight budget?

Are you a Scarf Lover as well?

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I am loving both these looks! Especially the first one(: I wish all these sites had free shipping I would definitely be ordering right now!! These are wayy better options that you've come up with though(: Inspiring post--Thank you!!

Love Mari