Monday, May 16, 2011

Manners Aren't Just For The Dinner Table

I work in an office.  We have cubicles, and as many of you know, cubical walls are NOT very thick nor are they sound proof so from time to time I hear some interesting conversations from my neighbors whether I am trying to eavesdrop or not.  And trust me, typically I'd rather not.   So, today, my cube neighbor just had a visitor... and the guy was talking about his acid reflux ::not quietly:: and I find it completely disgusting. 

(And yes, I do see the irony in my sharing this information that I wish had not been shared with me in the first place - but, in my defense, you did have the option to click on the link and read the post - AND you have the option to stop reading at any time)

That being said, if you are sensitive to this type of banter, do not read on!

Why do middle aged men ALWAYS have to talk about their 'changing bodies' and bodily functions UGH eww! I don't need to know that now when you eat guacamole you can't make it to the car without seeing it again! And this is not the first time something 'gross' has been discussed loudly in the neighbor's cube... I've also heard just about every type of surgery a man of that age will probably experience in his life.  Thank you for that.  Now one day when I have a husband and he hits the age of 50 there will be no surprises - I will know exactly what I signed up for. 

That being said I decided to put together a list of some 'Pet Peeves' I have at the office:

  1. When someone stops by my cube and exclaims "Oh, you're here."
    • I have two problems with this.  #1 - Thank you captain obvious, but if you didn't think I'd be here why did you walk on over?  and #2 - it's not like I have a job where the majority of the time I'm away from my desk and this is some sort of a *surprise*. In fact, I'm usually at my cube, right in front of the computer, analyzing data so to not find me here would be strange. 
  2. When people walking in the hallway right outside my cube have to tap their fingers on the metal filing cabinets every time they walk by.  Yep, that's right.  They do it every. single. time.
  3. When people eat certain food items at their desk.  Okay, this one may seem harsh, but just hear me out!  In this type of a compact working environment I feel it is only natural one should consider the others around them before partaking in exposing everyone near by to the incredibly long-lingering greasy smell of last night's leftover Chinese food reheated.  Yes, I'm sure it is delicious - go eat it in the cafeteria where I won't have to smell it for the next 5 hours before I can leave. Also, foods that are super loud and crunch like potato chips - not only can I hear you chew, but we all know you aren't wiping off your hands on a napking each time before you type again so I just picture all the grease and crumbs all over your keyboard and it makes me sad.  There are also foods that I love for people to choose - such as oranges.  When someone slices open a fresh orange it makes me smile inside and the scent of citrus reminds me of when my kitchen has just been cleaned :)  -- and a little off note, but still relevant to eating at work -- have you ever seen someone eat a banana during a business meeting?  Awkward. Please choose a different fruit.
  4. The all too common saying "Working Hard?"  What is the proper response to this?  Why is this asked so frequently?  I'd much prefer a "Hello".
I may think of more later and decide to update this post, but that's all that came to me off the top of my head.

So question of the day -- do you have any at work "pet peeves"?  If so, what are they?