Thursday, May 19, 2011

Celebrity Look for Less *Special Edition* with Gwyneth Paltrow (Part I - Long Jersey Dress)

So I recently stumbled across an article on Style Bistro where author Sasha found that "in one of her recent posts (on GOOP), (Gwyneth Paltrow) teams up with Net-a-Porter to talk about her spring wardrobe essentials. This is all fine and good, until you realize her six outfits total $18,301!"

Excuse me... the six outfits total how much?!?!

So not only are we now looking to Gwyneth's site and reading about how if we'd like to score her smokin' hot bod we should resort to 2 hour workouts every day (which is just not possible for most people's schedule) while eating a very strict diet, but also that to look as good as she does we should be spending our entire paychecks on a mere six outfits?  C'mon! 

I say it's time for a Celebrity Look for Less!!

                    Part I:  The Long Jersey Dress                    

Option 1: The Long Jersey Dress

Dressed Up

"Wear a long jersey dress with a silk blazer and statement sandals." - Gwyneth Paltrow

So this dress has a lot of good points - it's an easy jersey tank dress with some sexy details such as the slit and the rope belt.  I also love the light feminine pink.  Trying to keep this in mind I found the following options:

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Haha okay so please IGNORE my complete lack of photo-shop skills, I wanted to paste the items on Gwen so you could get a true feel for the look! 
(a breakdown of where you can find all the pieces is at the END of this post.. 'cause it's really long)


"Add a pop of color with a neon tank underneath." - Gwyneth Paltrow

Take Gwen's advice and dress down the maxi with a pop of color and some fun accessories:

Don't have $175 to blow on a necklace? Just Do It Yourself! 

One of my FAV DIY bloggers, loveMaegan, shows you the basic steps in this MaegItYourself tutorialJust change the tassels and chains to whatever colors you like :)

Your Shopping List:

If you want it to have that 'draped' effect, try buying it a size larger.. and all you need for a rope belt is a little extra fabric.  Check out how Domestic Divas use this DIY technique for bracelets -- then just make a longer one as a belt! Or, buy a 3-pack of rope belts from American Apparel for $30!

For the silk blazer we're looking for a LUXE fabric in an ivory/cream color with a very deep V and one button:

Layered Sateen Blazer on SALE from $140 to $79.99 at White House Black Market

or as a second option:

Trouve Silk Blazer $118 SALE $44.97 at Nordstrom RACK

The Chloe Bow clutch is FABULOUS - but for those of us who don't have $1300 to spend on a wallet you can get a similar feminine look with this Fleurette Clutch from LuLu Townsend!

Okay so it's not the same, but it's too cute! For a completely different but still ultra feminine clutch accent THIS is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE!

And finally, complete this look with the perfect Statement Sandal:

Velvet Angels Cha Cha Sandals  $265 SALE $103.50 at

For the casual spin on the maxi, try these:

Left:  LnA Neon Yellow Tank at BlueFly SALE $30.99
Right: Neon Yellow Racerback Tank at Forever 21 $9.80


Miss Me Anya T-Strap Wedges SALE $22.52 from

And of course, some awesome DIY accessories! A braided rope belt & a tassel chain necklace.

Stay tuned for the Celebrity Look for Less - Parts II & III: The Short Flirty Jacket and The Printed Dress

Question of the day... What is the most you've ever spent on an item of clothing, handbag, or pair of shoes?


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Okay, you just made me really made me wish I had $285 (with the second blazer, also I like the second color option for the dress online) to spend on this lookalike outfit! It would be awesome for Miami!!

Great job finding such a steal!